Real Talk and Raw Wood

This post originally appeared on Rethink Creative Group.

I hate small talk. It's glossy and shiny and it's all the surface-level stuff, and I just don't like it.

What I like is getting to the core of who people are in conversation. I like getting to see the real heart and soul of somebody, hear what makes them come alive, learn what keeps them up at night. I don't want to just see the poised and perfect outside, I want to peel all the layers away until the raw and real middle is all that's left to discover.

photo credit  PV KS

photo credit PV KS

The past few weekends, my parents have been helping me tackle a major DIY project-- refinishing a dining room table and chairs. (Watching too much HGTV made me think I could handle this...but I quickly learned that this is not my forte.)

We started with a table, a perfectly fine table, seemingly good from most angles. It was glossy and shiny on the surface. There were a few dents and dings we could see, but it looked acceptable. I didn't want just acceptable, though. I didn't want the table to still look like it had looked for so long. I wanted to transform it into something totally new and much more bold.

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