It all begins tomorrow.

It's almost here! The start of Story Seeker is tomorrow. My heart feels like it's about to burst at the seams with excitement. It's like Christmas Eve, but even better, if that's even possible.

The words you'll read from the hands of incredible, passionate, courageous and authentic people are beautiful and powerful. They've changed my life, and it's my hope and prayer that they'll change yours, too. 

Each week, the title of the post will be three words that each person has chosen to define their own story. You'll see a picture of their hands, not their faces. Hands are so deeply symbolic to me, so telling of a person's character and identity. I wanted you to see their hands as they wrote the words that gathered up the immensity of their stories in a small way. I wanted you to get a sense of who they are but to still wonder about the rest of them.

You'll read words I've written about each person, and I hope they make you feel like you were there when we met, like you know them just as much as I now do. I hope each person comes to life for you through the screen and my words.

And then, the best part of this whole'll get to read a story. Written by the hands of the ones who lived them, day in and day out, through the winding turns and roadblocks and mountaintops. This is the story that was pressed on their hearts to share with you. It isn't every detail or even every significant event, but it's true, it's real, it's honest.

I can't wait for tomorrow. This feels like the start of something so much bigger than my own life or my words, it feels so full of purpose and of things that matter, it feels so freeing and alive and exciting. It feels so full of God and grace and goodness.

Tomorrow, you'll meet Anna. Here's a few sentences she wrote to give you a sense of her story:


"I can choose joy daily because I've been transformed by Christ. I'm experiencing true freedom and finally living an adventurous life for the first time. Living for something bigger than myself has changed me forever."

See you back here tomorrow as Anna's story kicks off the start of the official Story Seeker series. I can't wait.