A story-less week

It's Wednesday and usually that means I'm sharing a new story with you. This week, however, I'm not. I'm in California for The Yellow Conference and whatever other adventures come my way, so I'm taking a week off.

This summer of hearing and sharing stories has been incredible and life-changing. I have a whole group of new friends now, around Richmond and around other places in the world, and I love that. This planet is so big, but it has felt a little smaller this summer. 

For those who have read the posts every week, thank you. Thanks for taking an interest in this project and in each person who has opened their hearts and lives up through their words.

Thanks for sending me texts and emails and tweets with sweet words of encouragement-- they've kept me motivated and reminded me that this matters. Thanks for saying things like "You have done it again. You have hooked me into reading another blog post about a person I have never met (and probably will never meet) by sharing their story. I think the work you are doing both personally and professionally is so profoundly cool. I’ve been enjoying the anticipation of reading your Story Seeker posts weekly (I purposefully plan my Wednesday lunches around them)."

You have filled my heart, supported me, and made me so deeply grateful.

Thank you for receiving these stories graciously and responding positively. Thank you for flooding the Facebook walls and inboxes of these storytellers and making them feel like rockstars-- it has been incredible to see them open up and to see you, their friends and family, encourage them and affirm them in it all.

For now, have a wonderful Wednesday! I'll be back next week to share another beautiful story. If you missed any this summer or want to read any of them again, here they are: