Lord of this Dance: A Friday Freewrite

This Friday, I'm back to the original "Friday Freewrite" model-- 15 minutes of unedited freewriting. Last weekend, I celebrated my grandparents' 50th anniversary at a huge party and actually got out on the dance floor for a good while. This week, several devotions and passages I've been studying have resonated with me. The two combined are what led to this idea and post. Happy Friday, friends!


It's like I'm at a party, a bustling gathering with a band crooning in the background and the lights down low. I'm unsure of the proper moves. I feel awkward. I'm moving, I'm dancing, but it's disjointed and disconnected and doesn't feel (or look) right. I glance around at the people around me and try to copy some of their moves, the ones that seem right, like they know what they're doing and have been doing it for decades. The more I dance, the more I realize I'm clueless and my skills are seriously lacking. But then You swoop in. You ask me if I would like to dance. You gently wrap your arm around me and hold my hand in yours. You have a radiant glow about you, like You are the host of this party and You are ecstatic we all have come here to celebrate with You. You start to sway with me, gently guiding me as You show me the steps, slow, simple, steady. Just in these few moments as this dance begins, I realize You just saved me from myself. My dance on my own was all wrong, out of place and clumsy. You move gracefully and effortlessly to the song like Your movement and the music are perfectly married. I lose my footing and trip, stepping on You and worrying I've hurt You. You laugh sweetly with warm eyes on mine and swing me around as we continue on like it never happened. My embarrassment vanishes in the light of Your gracious response. As we dance, I know this is what I was meant for. Wrapped up in You, following as You lead, trusting You when You twirl or dip me, knowing You know the steps better than I do, this is the dance I was designed for. I couldn't know these moves on my own, it's only with You that I'm learning. What felt foreign as we began grows easier as we dance on, my trust in You deepening as I learn You won't drop me or turn away when I stumble. I've never felt more beautiful than I do in Your arms. I've never felt more free and alive, like I'm soaring and shining and it's all because of how You move me. I'm better with You than I ever was on my own, and though I know I'll grow tired, I never want this dance to end. When one song ends and another starts, I stay with You, knowing You'll know the steps to this one, too. Some fast, some slow, some wild and some calm, You lead me perfectly through them all. I was meant to dance with You, in unison. I was never meant to do it alone. You are the Lord of this dance and the Lord of my life.

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