How Will You Define 2016?

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Photo by  Kimberly Jurgens

The world bombards us with new self-improvement messages every single day, and, let’s be honest…it’s overwhelming…

How to get the perfect spring break bod! How to make him want you! Be your own boss! You can make millions with this one simple trick! How to gain thousands of online followers in just a few clicks!

The noise is everywhere.

Bucket lists, New Years resolutions, new planners guaranteed to keep you organized, new exercises classes with grand promises, new diet trends…
We seem to be a culture obsessed with self-improvement. Am I right?!

I’ve made the lists (and loved them)…but I found something that has taken the lists and the goals and all of the big ideas and made it even more powerful and doable for me: one word.

I first heard about this idea at—where people are choosing one word (usually inspired by all of their goals and hopes and resolutions) to focus on in the coming year.

It’s simple: one word for one year.

It cuts through all the noise and clarifies my focus. It simplifies all my big goals into one small word and it makes it feel so possible to achieve. From January to December, one word echoes in my mind and gets etched into my heart. I boil down all the big goals into their very core and sum it up in just a few little letters that I can carry with me easily and clearly articulate.

It’s how I’ve been learning to refine my life, my heart, and my work in a way that is attainable and meaningful, and it’s all just because I choose one single word.

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