12 Days of Love Letter Writing

Way back in January, I made a bucket list of goals for my year. 52 things to accomplish in 2015. #10 on that list was: Participate in More Love Letters' 12 Days of Letter Writing in December. Now, it's day 3 of the MLL 12 Days, and I get to be part of creating a bundle of love letters for Jenny. Basically, it's a dream come true!

It's no surprise that I adore writing letters and sending mail. I think it's a lost art and a beautiful, tangible way to express love in a way that can be held on to forever and ever. I have kept every letter I've ever received, even silly ones from boyfriends I didn't even date for a more than a month. The words on those pages filled my heart bit by bit and they've all changed me for the better along the way. They all hold words of encouragement and love and affirmation, and there's nothing better than holding on to that forever, if you ask me.

Being able to bless Jenny (and 11 others!) this Christmas with a whole stack of letters from people just like me who want to use their words for good? I AM ALL ABOUT THAT. MLL makes their mission simple: make love famous. Won't you join us?!

The 12 Days of Love Letter Writing began on Monday, and it goes through December 18. On the weekends, they'll break from individual requests to rally around community requests! You can find the letter requests HERE, so you can see the powerfully vulnerable and moving stories of the strong souls we can write letters to this year. This is a glorious thing, people.

Now, meet sweet JENNY. She's the one we're all rallying to write to today, and here's the request that was sent in to MLL with her story.

Jenny is struggling. Her childhood included a series of tragedies including the death of her father and abuse from her mother. In the last year, two of her children have been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and her twin brother died from a drug overdose. Jenny is trying to work through her childhood trauma and is seeing a therapist. She has been diagnosed with Complex PTSD - which is not an easy thing to treat. Jenny’s husband tells us “I just love my wife so much. she’s the strongest person I’ve ever met, an amazing mom and wife.” Join us in sending Jenny some extra love and encouragement in this tough season.

I wrote Jenny a letter on pretty paper and sealed up with washi tape and all the love in my heart, but I'm sharing it here with you today, too. Will you write one too? The address is below. It doesn't have to be anything extravagant, but can you imagine how much love you would feel if a massive bundle of letters from all over the world showed up in the middle of a hard season of your life? Let's give that gift to Jenny together this Christmas.

Dear Jenny,

You are truly, deeply, wildly loved. If there was ever an ounce of doubt of that in your beating heart, I hope these letters silence it forever. May you know how treasured and brave you are. I know life has been heartbreaking in the worst of ways, but you are still here. You are still alive, breathing new air every day, soaking up new sun every morning, walking forward into new territory little by little. You are a warrior. It can feel like our brains and our hearts and our anxieties are out to get us sometimes, especially when the past creeps back into our memory. Today, I hope and pray that you find a glimmer of light at the end of whatever tunnel you're going through. I hope that light flickers bright and beckons you forward and gives you hope to hold on to. I hope you know you are never alone, that there are others both near and far that are rooting for you, believing the very best for you, cheering you on constantly. We have only heard a snippet of your story, but we know you are a conqueror, Jenny. We are so glad you are here, living your story with great strength and courage. When you feel weak or scared or weary, remember you are stitched together with a great love, there is fire in your bones that is fueling you, there is goodness still left in this world all around you, and there is always, always hope. The race of life feels long, but you will endure. You will turn every corner with new bursts of energy you didn't know you could find, and you will be victorious. We are with you, Jenny. We love you. We are wishing you all the joy and richness and beauty of this holiday season, that you would be buoyed by these words and reminded of your own power. Merry Christmas, Jenny. Go forth toward the light!

All my love,  Rachel


Jenny’s bundle

℅ Josh S.

PO Box 403

Raymore, MO 64083


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