Creating Space


Tomorrow, more than 900 women will gather in a room.

How often does that happen?

900 women. 900 stories. 900 beating, broken, beautiful hearts. 900 restless, weary, living souls. 900 daughters, mothers, wives, sisters, aunts, grandmothers. 900 women coming together for the second un/defined gathering.

How beautiful is that?

Our team has worked hard. We have prayed hard. We have spent hours planning and prepping and rehearsing and creating. We have given all we have to give, all of us playing to our strengths and in turn realizing our weaknesses, united together for one common purpose: to create space.

It's easy to forget that, when the emails pile up and the project list grows and the printer needs the files by yesterday.

But I'm so grateful to be on this team. I'm grateful for emails in the morning with encouragement from them that looks like this:

This morning, it occurred to me that what we’re doing is carving out space — a weekend in mid-January— for women to spend time with Jesus. We are providing an opportunity for them to set aside the trappings of daily life and be in the presence of God.

And then God takes it from there — It’s as simple as that.

What a relief!

That much we can do, and what a joy it is to do it!
— My friend Paige Daniels

We are creating space.

That is what we can do.

This weekend, we are creating space for women to gather and encounter their Creator.

When I'm creating graphics to share on social media or cards that will be at their seats during the talks, I'm creating a space for women to engage in conversation, to find tiny bits of encouragement, to feel connected to something bigger than themselves.

When Paige is writing and rehearsing music with the band, she's creating space for women to lose themselves in worship and be present before their King, for women to praise their Maker in a new and beautiful way.

When Nicole is preparing teachings from the Gospels, she's creating space for women to come face to face with Jesus, for women to get to know this Man who always was and still is and always will be a life-changer.

When Jennifer prepares boxes of goodies for each women, when Anne-Huston organizes snacks and meals, when Shelley handles all things registration, they are creating space for women to feel loved and welcomed and wanted.

When Melissa coordinates logistics with the hotel, when Jeanne and Mila and Kristy and Shannon plan and prepare to host and sketch out hilarious ideas for fun and laughter, when Fran coordinates local vendors coming to sell their goods, when Melinda manages the finances and the budget that makes it all possible, they are creating space for women to feel safe and provided for and seen.

We are creating space.

With this weekend, with this event, with all we have and all we are, we are creating space for the Lord to move. He will move, we know that full well. We are believing big things for this weekend. We are believing He will be present, He will be glorified, He will be seen and known and praised. 

We create space for Him and trust He will fill every inch of it.

What a great, humbling joy it is.

I can't wait.