Five Finds Friday // Feb. 19

I think I'm getting into a good rhythm with these Five Finds Friday posts-- every other week is working out well for me. (My word for this year is rhythm, so this is progress! Yay!) My good friends Holly and Taylor created this link-up and it's a favorite of mine. Sharing fun things from around the Internet on Friday? Yep, I'm into it.

Here are my five finds!


This is the hardest category for me, every time. Maybe it's because I'm slightly (very) cynical and don't find a lot of so-called funny things funny... or maybe I just don't have enough happy things in my life and I should work on that. It's probably both.

These videos though. My new favorite funny thing. This one isn't even the most recent one, but I don't care. It was HILARIOUS. Who knew Chris Martin was so funny? 


Remember that time I said I wasn't going to buy any new clothes at all until at least my May birthday? WHY DID I DO THAT. Oh yeah, contentment. Still working on that.

This shirt, though. Tacos, though. I think I need this, people.

Fun fact: Cotton Bureau is all shirts designed by designers of all kinds, and 12 people have to say they'll buy the shirt in a two-week window before it will go to print! So you get to support graphic designers who make cool things, there's a bit of fun risk, and there's incentive to share so the shirts you want to get printed! Plus, the designs are cool and the shirts are SO COMFY. I may or may own several. I just love a good t-shirt!


I have become obsessed with Minimalist Baker lately. Every Vegan, gluten-free GOLD.

Any kind of Asian food is my faaaaaaaaavorite, and General Tso's chicken is a go-to for my meat-eating family, so I'm STOKED to  make this tofu version and finally be able to eat it again in my own house/kitchen.

Coming riiiiight up!


Here's something I'm reading a lot about lately: what it means and looks like to be an egalitarian. It's something that has rocketed to the forefront of my mind lately with being involved in women's ministry events at my church, seeing a dear female friend become a pastor at my church, and chatting with a male friend in seminary who is a strong egalitarian himself. It raises questions for me and has caused me to do a lot of looking back at how I was raised, how dynamics in my family play out, how work/career stuff has been for me as a woman, how churches (mine in particular) engage with women, etc. It's been a fantastic challenge.

Anyway. All that to say...this article from Sarah Bessey (author of Jesus Feminist, which you should read if you haven't yet) was a rich read:

In which I disagree with Candace Cameron Bure about “biblical marriage”

Also: The Junia Project shared this list of 49 SERIOUSLY GOOD BLOGS FOR CHRISTIAN EGALITARIANS that's so good!


So. Myers-Briggs. I've heard all the arguments from psych majors who say it isn't legit. I hear that. I'm sure there's validity there. I also think it's helpful as a tool for self-awareness, and I've learned a lot about myself through figuring out my type (INFJ, through and through) and reading lots of things about it. So, sure, it might not be totally scientifically accurate, but I like it. That's that.

This article makes my heart just say YESSSSSSS:

23 INFJs Explain Exactly How to Win Their Type Over

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