Currently // March 18

It's been a quiet week here, but I'm rounding up my thoughts and sharing a random list of all my "currently" thoughts-- enjoy!

Making // these videos is probably the most fun part of my job.

Cooking // this pasta. Often. Here's my sneaky trick-- I use black bean pasta or red bean noodles, so literally the whole meal is vegetables, it's super filling, and just SO delicious. Minimalist Baker can do no wrong.

Drinking // NO COFFEE. It's been a little over three weeks. I know, call me crazy, but it's been an experiment to see if my body reacts better without it... and so far, so good. I've slept better, been shockingly energized throughout the days (I did not think I would make it through the days at work, but it's been great!), and had less headaches. I might be on to something here...

Reading // the last Harry Potter book, Cooked by Michael Pollan, The Season of Migration by Nellie Hermann, The Feathered Bone by Julie Cantrell, Mere Christianity (again), Flannery O'Connors Complete Stories, The Essential Henri Nouwen.

Wanting // all the clean, green, vegan, cruelty-free beauty products. I've almost entirely transitioned, and it's been glorious (and not too expensive!) -- I'm thinking I'll share a post soon with what I've tried and what I'm loving! Anybody into that idea?!

Deciding // not to buy any new books this year has been HARD but it has been GOOD. I've found a new library I adore and I'm cranking my way through the books on my shelf that have been stuck there for far too long, and it's been great. And I cannot wait to buy more books again in 2017!

Enjoying // podcasts! My current favorites: What Should I Read Next from Anne Bogel and Sounds Good with Branden Harvey.

Waiting // is hard and such a rich opportunity to press into the Lord. My church has been in a series called "While We Wait" and each week just gets better and better.

Liking // Michael Pollan's Cooked documentary series on Netflix. I'm reading the book as well, and loving the in-depth look into fire, water, air, and earth and how they influence our food, eating, habits, etc. I've long loved Pollan's work about food and our culture, and these shows are great! Definitely watch them (they're an hour each) or check out one of his books!

Loving // these mugs. I got a black matte one that says "bloom" in that brushy script in my latest Causebox, and I'm in love.

Pondering // "If Trump Sat Down with Jesus" by my friend Holly.

Watching // Gilmore Girls for the first time on Netflix. Unpopular opinion time: I'm not that obsessed. I'm still on season one... does it get better? It feels slow and not very engaging so far...

Hoping // for a sunny Sunday so I can see the DC cherry blossoms without rain interfering!

Marveling // at the blooms and new life of spring. Every year, it enchants me.

Needing // recommendations for more 20-30 minute podcasts. I've found that's my favorite length and I need your faves that are in that window! GIVE ME WHATCHA GOT.

Smelling // all the essential oils. My current morning blend in my diffuser is orange, lemon, and grapefruit, with little hints of mint and frankincense. My nighttime blend is orange, cinnamon, clove, with a little eucalyptus and ginger. They're heavenly.

Wearing // lots of skirts and dresses because HI SPRING. Also-- thoughts on midi skirts? I'm really wondering if I can pull them off. Maybe I'll try some on soon to see!

Following // this presidential election race like never before. I mean that very seriously-- I don't think I ever really cared before, and I only read enough to feel good about my vote. This year? I can't get enough. I'm reading all the things. I'm listening to lots of NPR. I'm following along on Twitter. I'm staying informed, because it all just feels so crazy and out of control and unbelievable. 

Thinking // a lot about starting a podcast on The Rising in the near future... It's a baby dream right now, but I'm making plans!

Disliking // pollen. 

Opening // all. the. windows. Welcome, sweet, long-awaited spring! I'm so glad you're here again.

Feeling // all the excitement for the new collaboration with Amber... here's a hint: follow us on Instagram at @confetticommunity

Share your thoughts with me, friends!