Five Finds Friday // May 20

I'm popping back in again to join my friends Holly and Taylor for their fun link-up, Five Finds Friday! 

Hey-- did you know Holly and Taylor are also the assistant editors over at The Rising? They absolutely KILL it every week working with our writers to get posts ready for publication. I could not keep the site alive without them! They're rockstars.

Here's what I've found lately! Enjoy!


Let's just rename this category to "the latest Carpool Karaoke video" because that's all I ever share here... oh well. They are HILARIOUS every time.


I've gotten a few Stitch Fix boxes over the last few years and really liked the whole process. It's so fun to get a package of clothes and jewelry hand-picked for you! Since I have several upcoming weddings this summer, I figured I would schedule another box and ask for some dresses that will work well for those. I've been browsing the Stitch Fix Pinterest boards to pin things to the board I send to my stylist, and here are some of the things I've been loving! Neutrals + boho/embroidered details = swoon. 

Well, wouldn't ya now, my box was FULL of neutrals and boho details and TWO perfect dresses to wear to the weddings, so you better believe I kept all 5 items and was a happy little shopper! I wish I had gotten my act together so I could show you pictures of everything...but oh well.

Also, if you want to give Stitch Fix a whirl, you can use this code and I'll get a fun little bonus. You'll get a code once you sign up too! :)


These are the recipes next up on my to-cook list this week! All gluten-free and vegan and DELICIOUS looking, am I right?! Thank you, Minimalist Baker, for the best recipes.

I'll be making this masala spiced tofu scramble for breakfasts/brunches, and this creamy mushroom asparagus pasta, but I'm substituting green beans instead of asparagus and black bean pasta instead of penne, because more protein and that's what the grocery store had this week.


This isn't like a make-you-cry kind of feels, but more of a powerful make-you-start-to-think kind of feels. Video can remind you of how beautiful people and places and simple things are, and this does that well. I've been thinking a lot about bodies lately, especially in terms of my relationship with my own, and I appreciate this start to the conversation:


If you aren't following Branden Harvey on any of the places he's sharing goodness online, you're missing out. He's such an incredible storyteller, in a way that is goofy and fun and SO genuine, all from a 24-year-old who seems just like a great guy and friend. He started a podcast called Sounds Good, and it's one of my very favorites now. 

This past week, he interviewed Joshua DuBois who led the faith office in the White House and sent daily devotionals to President Obama and such, and it was a fascinating conversation. I actually teared up while listening, which was a first for me! I strongly encourage you to listen to this episode-- no matter how you feel about Obama (I'm not ashamed to admit he didn't get my vote), it's so cool to see the human, real, raw side of him. I can't wait to get my hands on the book DuBois wrote of all the devotionals he created for Obama! (Also, I tweeted about this episode and Joshua retweeted it, and that's just the coolest side of the Internet ever. Love being able to connect with people like that!)

This is a conversation worth listening to. Also, just go ahead and subscribe to his podcast, because every week, the episodes are awesome.

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