Currently // June 1

I'm a fan of a good link-up, and a fan of a good, easy, quick life update. This is both of those things! Shout out to Anne at In Residence and Jenna of Gold & Bloom for being the wonderful hosts of this "Currently" link-up!

Here are a few tidbits of life currently:

planning // Some kind of trip... because I have a flight that needs to be used and this girl needs to bust out of town sometime in the next year! Any ideas?! I know I've had a few blogger friends offer up places to stay...but the PNW is also calling my name so that might be where I head! We'll see. It's exciting to have an adventure in the works though!

enjoying // Sunshine. My new air plant. Weekly yoga in the park with views of the Richmond skyline. This playlist. This iPhone game (and I NEVER play games on my phone).

buying // oh man. So you know how there's that whole Contentment Challenge thing happening? Yeah, I was attempting to do that. And then somehow, I stopped and started shopping again and it has been BAD. BUT. Got a few simple, classic tees/tanks from Everlane that I'm obsessed with and will absolutely be living in all yeah. (psst-- if you want to get some for yourself too, I don't blame ya, and here's a link!) Contentment Challenge round two starts NOW.

craving // Is it weird that I was on my favorite food blogger's site today and these vegan sloppy joes were just SCREAMING to me? I want them like right now. I'm pretty sure I'll be making these babies this week, because it finally feels like summer and sloppy joes seem like summer food to me, so it's happening. Yum. (Also, she just released a cookbook that was delivered to me this week and it is BEAUTIFUL and I cannot wait to cook ALL THE THINGS.)

pinning // Future home/apartment inspiration...because it's looking like roommate and I are moving out in August to a new abode! Wish us luck in the hunting process, because it's no fun. Can we fast forward to the fun decorating stage instead?!

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