All the Awesome Articles // June 6


These five articles are ones written by people I don't personally know or call friends, but their thoughts are compelling and interesting and convicting, so I wanted to share.

Maybe this will become a more regular type of post, maybe not, but when I read good things, I want everyone else to read them too, so here we go!

As somebody who is overall pretty dang food aware, I want everyone to read this. Do you even really know that baby carrots DO NOT NATURALLY EXIST? I bet there are SO many people whose minds will be blown by this piece, and this quote sums it up well: "We are more and more disconnected from what we eat." // Baby carrots are not baby carrots

The Identity "Rules" You May Unknowingly Conform To from Sarah Scott Pape for Darling:

We are complex, multifaceted and multitalented creatures, ladies. I can quote Shakespeare and squeal over a puppy in the same breath. So why do I feel the need to qualify my TSwift playlist as a “guilty pleasure,” as if enjoying pop music betrays my intellect? Sadly, most often we are the ones who polarize and categorize and confine ourselves, along with other women, to a list of attributes.

I relate to this on a deep level in where I'm at in life right now. I keep saying this to friends and family and keep getting "just wait" or "you'll change your mind" in response. Okay, sure, maybe I will, but GUESS WHAT. I will not be less of a woman or a human being if I do not make tiny humans. And I love tiny humans, I really do, but I just don't see myself having any of my own if I'm being honest. Maybe someday I will. Maybe not. I just want to applaud this piece LOUDLY. // “The ‘I DON’T WANT KIDS’ Manifesto” from Abby Norman on Medium

I love showing the world our perspective on soul. We’re not doing a James Brown or a Daptone thing—it’s a Texan thing.
— Leon Bridges

BRING IT ON HOME: LEON BRIDGES // I love Leon's music, and love the humble, grounded, genuine way he seems to approach his work and his life. This is a fun interview!

If you’re going to consistently come up with ideas to write about or do something with, you have to be able to capture them regardless of when they show up.
— Srinivas Rao

I'm all about this. There are SO many ideas that come and so quickly go, and I'm trying to get better at capturing them all as they strike me.

Now, you tell me: what's the best article YOU have read lately?!

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