going dark for a bit.

my heart has felt heavy, the world has felt dark. unthinkable acts, unimaginable pain. people near to me are hurting, and my own heart is hurting too.

words don't seem to do justice to what we are experiencing in our world and our lives right now. i want to cling to jesus and to scripture and find comfort in the lord's faithfulness and goodness. i don't want to add to the noise.

i'm stepping away from this space for a while, because i want to listen to what's going on inside of me and respond accordingly.

i'm so grateful for the community i've found here, and will be praying for the good words that are being shared on the sites of dear friends, and i know i'll be back here again.

for now, a step back is what i need. from here, and social media too.

be blessed, friends.