A Coffee Date // July 11

My dearest friend Amber is the queen of coffee date blog posts, and once a month, she's joining forces with the lovely Erin to make virtual coffee dates among Internet friends a sweet reality. I'm glad you're here, friends. Life has been hard and heavy lately, and it's good to be reminded we're all here in this world together. 

If we were on a coffee date... I would tell you it's hard to feel like just one small person in a big, broken world, but that it helps to do what you can for one other person. The news has been heart-shattering this week over and over and over again, and I don't have more words about that right now. (I wrote in response to another black life lost here, and then about how I'm still shining my light here.) I need action steps right now. There's a sweet 4-year-old girl named Mi-Mi living half a world away who would always have been a stranger to me, but thanks to Compassion, she's my newest little penpal. It's one small thing, sending money to the Philippines so her life can be safer and healthier and more full of Jesus, but it's making a big difference in my heart already.

If we were on a coffee date... I would share that it's become my every-other-day routine to make big batches of brewed tea that I pour in tall mason jars and drink with ice at work. It's like sipping on summertime. Add a spoonful of local honey (bonus: it helps with seasonal allergies to eat local honey!) and a few splashes of fresh lemon juice and you're in business. (also: I know honey isn't vegan, but I would rather consume honey from a farmer I've spoken with personally than take an allergy pill full of worse things for me.)

If we were on a coffee date... I'd ask what's on your summer reading list. Here's what's on mine, and to be honest, the stack is a little daunting. I've never planned ahead with my reading list before, and I'm finding the best way to keep at it is to mix a good dose of fun library books into the mix too.

If we were on a coffee date... I would show you my newest tattoo. Because I'm in love with it and I want you to know what it means for how I love you, too. I can't stop staring at it.

If we were on a coffee date... I would ask what you're jamming to this summer. I'd tell you I took my favorite albums right now, dumped them into a playlist, and every day, I hit shuffle and rock out. It's great. (It's all Needtobreathe, James Bay, Matt Wertz, Lumineers, and LANY, if you were wondering.)

If we were on a coffee date... I would ask you what beautiful things you've seen lately. What joy have you chosen? What has made you smile, or laugh, or feel at peace? What's keeping your soul afloat?

If we were on a coffee date... I would share a fun little post I created last week to feature Warby Parker's new summer collection of sunglasses-- who knew how fun it could be to play stylist?!

If we were on a coffee date... I would make sure to tell you I'm thankful for you. I don't think we say that enough. It can feel a little vulnerable, to put words to the things our hearts feel toward another person, but to be on the receiving end of heartfelt gratitude is a gift I cannot explain. So let's speak up. Let's say things like I see you, and I hear you, and I'm so glad you are here. You make life better and more beautiful, and the world wouldn't be the same without your light, so thank you for shining it in all the glorious ways that you do.

If we were on a coffee date... I would ask you to share one thing you've learned today. Think long and hard if you have to, and share your wisdom with me, because we learn something new every day, isn't that what they say?