All the Awesome Articles // July 15

Here's another batch of things I've read recently that I just HAD to share with you. I've tweeted some of these over the last few weeks, but they're worth sharing again, just in case you might have missed them.

Some are heavy, some are helpful, some are hard, one is hilarious.

All are powerful, beautiful, worthwhile. Enjoy!

Two things from Anne Lamott:

This Facebook post

(A response to all the tragedies in our world, and a call to beautiful, no-frills, Jesus-echoing action.)


Time lost and found

Turn off Twitter, Anne Lamott says. And don’t clean the house. That’s what it takes to create the rich life you deserve

You already have the gold coins beneath you, of presence, creativity, intimacy, time for wonder, and nature, and life. Oh, yeah, you say? And where would those rascally coins be?
— Anne Lamott

Why is it always presumed that people don’t want to be doing things alone?
— Leslie Tulip

This Darling Magazine article is spot on. I've written about getting good at being alone before, and this echoes so many of my own thoughts. I love being alone, love my independence, love the freedom that comes from doing my own thing in the world... but there's still a stigma associated with aloneness. Fascinating thoughts.

It is my problem. It’s absolutely my problem.

It’s my problem because if this was me, if it was me suffering, I would want other people of different races and backgrounds and ages to stand up for me. I’d want to feel like somebody, ANYBODY, was on my team.
— Annie F. Downs

I echo all of this. Thank you, Annie.

Be kind. Number one is always “be kind,” isn’t it? In politics and in life. Remember that the people who believe differently than you do are not merely one-dimensional caricatures defined by their party affiliation. Following the Golden Rule would be a great way to restore civility to an increasingly uncivil public sphere.
— Katherin Willis Pershey

This post is just a fantastic reminder of how we can handle this season well. A breath of fresh air.

How to Slow Down in A World That’s Constantly On The Go

I LOVE the word "Selah" and spent all of 2015 pressing into what it means in my life...and I haven't stopped even though I chose a different word for 2016. This explains the beauty of slowing down, and I so agree with these words.

Every state flag is wrong, and here is why

This is the FUNNIEST thing I have read in ages. I'm talking, I was CRYING from laughing so hard. I shared it with all my coworkers and we all just lost it.

Tell me: what is the best thing YOU have read online lately?

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