All the Awesome Articles // August 22

This morning felt COOL outside. People, fall is coming and I could NOT be more excited. Goodbye, hot, sweaty summer! Won't miss ya.

Here's the best of what I've been browsing lately:

Read This If You Feel Like You Can’t Stop Creating Problems In Your Mind

Brianna Wiest shares brilliant insights here. As someone whose brain is CONSTANTLY analyzing and overanalyzing and stressing, she shares a helpful perspective shift for me in this article, explaining that we were born to create, and we start suffering when we stop creating. Interesting thoughts!

I have found my actual 100% perfect dream home. I am obsessed with every single detail, and this is the epitome of my style and vision for my future home someday. In love.

See the house tour here!

This poem.


The 2016 Blog-Tember Challenge is almost upon us, and since Bailey is one of my favorite blogger friends, I'm absolutely joining in! I can't promise daily posts throughout September, but I've been working to get a bunch of posts ready to go in advance. Join us!

Vegan pepperoni.

Who knew it was possible? Not me. Who wants this in her belly RIGHT NOW? Definitely me.

The United States of Hypocrisy

A look at Ryan Lochte's lying, white privilege, victims of police violence, and how we really are hypocritical these days.

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