BLOG-TEMBER: My Own Blog Favorites

It's crazy to realize how long I've been doing this whole blog thing. It started in high school with a super basic (and pretty awful) Blogger site, then transitioned to WordPress when I felt like I should take things more seriously, and then ultimately has found a permanent (I think) home here on Squarespace. Reading back over posts from those high school days is hilariously embarrassing and cringe-worthy... but there are still posts from years past that resonate with me now or remind me of beautiful truths or even teach me something still, and I'm glad for the prompting to revisit them today!

Here are a few of my favorite posts from over the years! 

(I'll spare you the dramatic, emo high school Rachel days and only share posts from this site over the last few years-- you're welcome.)

I don’t want to be the girl who lives in corners and shadows, afraid to come into the light or into the room. I want to enter proudly, full of all the things that give me weight and worth. I want to stop apologizing for my existence and start celebrating.

My hands were fists, clenched tight and shaking and white at the knuckles, fighting a battle I knew I could never win.

Then, like a whisper and a freight train all at once, it hit me.

Nothing can enter closed hands.

Here’s the thing about writing: it’s hard. It’s the thing that makes me feel alive and like I’m doing what I was created to do, but it’s also the thing that is a struggle full of resistance and excuses.

I’ve often heard the analogy that our lives are like a tapestry, and lately, it’s become undeniably real and applicable to me. Many threads, one masterpiece. On one side, the finished product in its glory. On the other, the true story, the tangled threads and knotted ends and chaos of it all.

Get good at listening to your own thoughts. Flying solo means the only voices you need to pay attention to are the ones in your own heart and head. Pay them some attention.

All throughout September, I'll be joining Bailey in The Blog-tember Challenge!

You probably won't see a post every day from me (although she made excellent prompts for each day this month!) but I'll be joining in often and would love for you to do the same!