BLOG-TEMBER: My Current Goals

Friends. August was CRAZY. I packed up my entire life in moving boxes, moved a mile across town, jetted off to an island for a week, got all settled in a brand new place, had a bunch of dates and adventures, and hardly had a minute to breathe.

Now, I find myself with a rapidly dwindling bank account, a weary soul, a restless heart, a rundown body... and I know I need to reset.

It's so easy how this happens, how one day blurs into the next and before we know it, it's been weeks since we've cracked open our Bibles or stretched on our yoga mats or really ate a solid home cooked meal. Anybody feel me?!

September, you feel like a good a time as any for a fresh new start. I've never been good at holding myself to expectations (hello, I'm a rebel!) but it's time. It needs to happen. 

This September...

  • I'm locking up the credit card. It's leaving my wallet and hiding out in a drawer where I can't use it to easily swipe at Target or fill up an Amazon cart or impulse buy online. No more. It feels like a great idea at the time, but every time that bill comes around (which I always pay in full, because #responsibility), I regret everything. No more! It's time to get my spending in check.

  • I'm locking down my budget and sticking to it. It won't be fun, but goodness, it's necessary. Easy come, easy go has been my money mantra as of late, and it needs to quit.

  • I'm setting savings goals. Okay, I promise all of my goals won't be about money... but I have some loans to pay back to generous family members who helped me out in recent pinches, and I need to even things up and get back on track.

  • I'm prioritizing my morning quiet times. I have a cozy little reading corner in my room, and I need to break up with the snooze button and actually get myself up when that alarm sounds. I know how desperately I need time with Jesus, and cramming it on my lunch break or before bed never satisfies my soul the way intentional time with Him does. // UPDATE: just saw Bailey's trying the Kiwake app for 30 days and I'm going to give it a go as well!

  • I'm scheduling time for yoga. Even just fifteen minutes a day makes a world of difference in how my body (and especially my post 4-knee surgery knee!) feels. I love the Sworkit app, if you're wanting to try out more yoga in your own home!

  • I'm meal planning in my bullet journal again. The simplest little list of breakfast/lunch/dinner in my daily bullet journal entries is so helpful in making sure I have a plan for the day ahead. When I don't, it's too easy to grab Chipotle or order takeout, and it's neither cost effective nor the healthiest option, so it needs to go back to being a treat and not a habit.

  • I'm going to try other new bullet journal ideas. This list is inspiring me.

  • I'm going to read 10+ books. I'm well ahead of my goal for 100 books in 2016 (I've read 97 so far) but I'm curious just HOW MUCH I can crush it.

What are YOUR goals for September?!

All throughout September, I'll be joining Bailey in The Blog-tember Challenge!

You probably won't see a post every day from me (although she made excellent prompts for each day this month!) but I'll be joining in often and would love for you to do the same!