BLOG-TEMBER: My Fall Favorites

I already told you all about how summer isn't my favorite, but now, we get to talk about THE BEST SEASONS EVER. Autumn. People, I adore this season. It makes my heart the happiest.

Here some of the very best things about fall:

  • Wildflowers. Don't ever buy me roses, no thank you. Wildflowers always. The more eclectic, the better.
  • Spending evenings outdoors. Especially at the best art museum, with great people watching, and coloring books, and cool breezes. Dreamy.
  • Pumpkins. The pretty ones for decorating, the yummy ones for eating, the closely related butternut squash ones to cook all the things with, I just love them all.
  • Apple picking. My favorite orchard is an hour away in Charlottesville, VA, and it's a must-do every single autumn, either with friends or with family. It's a beautiful location on the top of a mountain and I even ignored all of my food allergies and ate an apple cinnamon doughnut fresh out of the oven last time...because how could you not? #worthit
  • Bonfires. It's one of the very best things to be around a bonfire with people you love. My family and my guy all spent last Saturday around a fire with marshmallows roasting and stories flowing, and it was just the greatest.
  • Taking long walks with crunchy leaves. Walks are already good for my soul, but add a million crunchy leaves to the path? It just makes me giddy. I 100% go out of my way to step on every single one.
  • Writing snail mail in coffeeshops. Every Thanksgiving, I write a whole big batch of cards to friends and family telling them why I'm so thankful they're in my life, and it's one of the sweetest things about this season. I'm constantly striving to keep gratitude at the forefront of my heart and mind, and this helps make it real.
  • HOCKEY SEASON. I'm a huge Capitals fan, and already counting down the days until that puck drops again. I couldn't care any less about other sports, but if there's a Caps game on (especially during Stanley Cup Playoffs), you best believe I'll be glued to the TV or my Twitter feed. Rock the red!
  • Cozier book reading. There's just something about this season that makes me read WAY MORE BOOKS. This will come in handy since I bumped my yearly goal up to 150 books after hitting my goal 100 earlier this month...
  • Thanksgiving! My favorite holiday by far. Plus, a major perk of being vegan and gluten-free on such a food-centric holiday is getting my own feast all to myself! It's always fun to plan a new menu and figure out how many cool veggie dishes I can create. I absolutely love watching the parade and doing puzzles and being with family all day long and watching football when we're all too stuffed to move. The best day.

What are your favorite things about fall?

All throughout September, I'll be joining Bailey in The Blog-tember Challenge!

You probably won't see a post every day from me (although she made excellent prompts for each day this month!) but I'll be joining in often and would love for you to do the same!