BLOG-TEMBER: My "HONY" Style Advice

This crazy head of hair is being tamed TOMORROW and I am very ready for a drastically different look!

This crazy head of hair is being tamed TOMORROW and I am very ready for a drastically different look!

If you've never seen the Humans of New York phenomenon, you're missing out. Brandon Stanton is a genius and his work is incredible, moving, powerful, and so simple it's genius. (I loved this episode of Elizabeth Gilbert's podcast featuring him.)

Let's imagine I encountered him on a street, and he asked me "What advice would you give to a large group of people?"

Here's what I would say:

My advice for you all is to take intentional time to discover who you are, learn your quirks and qualities, build your self-confidence and invest in self-care, and then boldly and bravely tell your story to the world. It has been the most world-changing thing for me to learn how to define myself and give voice to my experiences in the life. It's helpful to take personality quizzes (try Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, and Gretchen Rubin's 4 Tendencies to start!) and read up on your results. It's helpful to be rooted in community that supports, encourages, and challenges you to grow. It's helpful to spend time both with people and by yourself, and to find the balance that works for you. It's helpful to remember you are a beloved son or daughter of a good, gracious, loving God. It's helpful to cheer your own self on and give yourself grace and also kick your own stubborn ass sometimes. Figure out who you are. Fall in love with yourself. Figure out what makes your heart come alive and what makes your heart break. Own it and share it. Be brave with your story and courageous in your vulnerability. Figure out what makes you tick, and figure out how to grow and mature and improve. Find the things that bring you joy, and share that light with others. Don't stay stuck. Don't stay small. Open up your heart and your mind and your soul, and stretch. There's only one of you, and we want you to come fully, deeply, truly alive as your best self. Come alive.

Throughout September, I joined Bailey for her Blog-Tember Challenge (tackled about 13 in the end!) and it was so much fun to write on some new topics and connect with some new faces.

Thanks again to Bailey for pouring so much time and energy into hosting this challenge -- I'll (hopefully) be back at it again next year!

And now, back to all regularly scheduled content... haha, jokes, I rarely schedule posts. Onward!