BLOG-TEMBER: Currently

Reading... Catcher in the Rye (actually just finished!) What to start next?!
Watching... Parenthood over from the start again... this show. There's nothing better.
Trying... new things in my bullet journal (like tracking habits!) and it's going well so far!
Cooking... these vegan/gluten-free stuffed peppers earlier this week on a date -- DELICIOUS.
Eating... fresh blackberries from the farmers market
Drinking... this new flavor of almond milk creamer in my morning coffee. Feels like a treat!
Calling... nobody ever, because I am not a phone call fan
Texting... my roommate, from one room over. yep.
Pinning... house/apartment ideas. Even though we are totally done decorating... oops.
Tweeting... lots of blog links, thanks to lots of blogs, thanks to Blog-Tember! Find me on Twitter!
Going... hiking this weekend! Fingers crossed my bad knee holds up and we have good weather (no rain from this hurricane/tropical storm, please!)
Loving... this cooler weather thanks to rain and Hermine! GIMME FALL.
Hating... that it's dark so early. I love this start of fall weather, and want to go on long walks to enjoy it... but it's pitch black and I live in the city where that can sometimes be sketchy. Boo.
Discovering... new podcasts is my favorite. The latest one I'm loving is the STORY Podcast. Check it out!
Thinking... a lot about rhythms. It's my word of the year, and I'm realizing I have so much still to learn.
Feeling... overwhelmed by the "real-world" dating scene. You guys. I have been on dates with 3 different men in the last two weeks. This sounds like such a ridiculous problem, but it is HARD to process feelings and be present and try to navigate the whole thing. I felt like the Bachelorette and I did not enjoy it at all, even though the guys were SO GREAT and I had fun with them. Too much all at once, like whoa.
Hoping (for)... clarity, peace, and confidence in the decisions I'm making (see above dating debacle.)
Listening (to)... the playlist I'm making to share for September in a few days! Stay tuned.
Celebrating... our housewarming for our new apartment this past weekend with friends was so much fun!
Smelling... this candle. I cannot stop burning it but I also want it to last forever and WHY does it have to be $30?!
Ordering... NOTHING. Stop the online shopping, Rachel! Stop it right now. No more.
Thanking... God daily for the little things. Keeping track of them all in this
Considering... chopping my hair or trying a new color or some kind of treatment to make it less insane. Thoughts?!
Starting... Stranger Things. I never ever give in to things with this much hype, but I'm giving it a shot.

What are you up to currently?!

All throughout September, I'll be joining Bailey in The Blog-tember Challenge!

You probably won't see a post every day from me (although she made excellent prompts for each day this month!) but I'll be joining in often and would love for you to do the same!