What's in My Bag?

Can we all just admit we really love seeing what's in other people's bags? Okay, cool. Glad we got that out of the way.

These posts just always are fascinating and fun, and since I carry this bag with me every single day to and from work, I wanted to open it up and share with you what all is inside. (I discovered lots of crumpled gum wrappers and random ibuprofen pills littered on the bottom, just to keep it real. Those aren't pictured.)

Enjoy a look at what's in my bag!

(PS-- there are affiliate links in this post, which you should know won't cost you a single cent more, but might throw a few my way. Maybe. Now you know.)

  • This bag from Herschel (apparently it's not really a style they carry anymore, so that's a bummer) -- it's durable, super trendy, able to carry a LOT without feeling strained, and just the best work bag I've ever had. 
  • Headphones, of course.
  • These pens -- I rarely use color pens in my journal, but I'm trying to use these more in my PowerSheets!
  • This weekly planner -- it has great blank monthly spreads and then weekly spreads with lots of little to-do lists, a notes section, and a side column of things for that month, and I've turned it into a more structured bullet journal that works really well for me
  • A shark figurine ("Fish are friends! Not food!) because why not? I love sharks. You should just know this about me.
  • This USB charging tassel from Anthro -- such a great little accessory that has come in handy so many times! (looks like they're sold out. sorry.)

  • My PowerSheets (if you don't know why I love these so much, read this post)
  • This book I'm currently reading
  • My FashionABLE wallet (thanks Vianne!)
  • My Moleskine journal (always black, hardcover, with grid paper!)
  • Postcards to write to friends
  • My iPad (fun fact: this was my first "treat yoself" purchase after my first adult job paycheck!)
  • This book (reading this one for one of my MMD Challenge categories!)
  • My S'well bottle (this thing keeps coffee hot ALL DAY LONG and it is amazing)
  • Gum, of course. On a cinnamon kick currently.
  • A wooden cross from a mentoring retreat. This thing just feels so soft and smooth and good in my hand. It's calming.

  • This green pouch holds ALL THE THINGS. It's like a junk drawer mixed with a medicine cabinet mixed with a drugstore shelf. It's fine.
  • I love this hand cream and hand sanitizer spray (both from Grove Collaborative, which I'm very obsessed with in general), these ginger chews for when my stomach is upset, essential oils in a roller bottle for headaches, this Glossier balm dotcom (in mint)
  • Side note-- there were four different lip products in this one pouch. Because that's necessary... 
  • That little kraft journal is my 1,000 gifts journal -- perfect to keep in my bag to jot down the little things I'm thankful for as the day goes on!

  • This book. Can't say enough good things.
  • My glasses in this denim case from Madewell
  • My Moleskine again, my planner again, that tassel again, wallet again, postcards again, PowerSheets again, etc.

If you've ever shared a post like this on your blog, drop the link in the comments so I can snoop. :)

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