My Current Favorite Podcasts (from Real Life Friends!)


I'm a big podcast fan, and it's been even more fun to listen lately since several real life friends of mine have started and released their own podcasts! I wanted to share about a few that I'm especially loving these days, because when you have friends that are telling such powerful stories and sharing such meaningful conversations, you want everyone to listen in.

Here are a few of my current faves:

My Obsession

from Marcus Privitt

Description: My Obsession is a podcast that shines a light on the passions of people. In each episode, guests are interviewed about a topic that makes their heart beat. From Marcus Privitt. Because sometimes joy comes from experiencing somebody else's joy.

My thoughts: Marcus has been a longtime friend, and he's somebody that is such a kindred spirit. We are both INFJs who have much in common personality-wise, so it was a blast to get to listen in on the fascinating conversations he had with such interesting people about their obsessions. These episodes are straight conversation, and the questions don't feel scripted or stuffy at all. I loved diving into a different niche with each guest, and especially appreciated that the episodes weren't too long (30-45 minutes each). This was such a fun one to binge over a few days while working -- there are few things I love more than listening to people talk about the thing they LOVE, and this podcast does that beautifully.

A favorite episode: Storytelling & Star Wars with Benjie Hughes


from Stephen R. Sanders

Description: This is a documentary of average people who have extraordinary stories. As vast as the sea is deep, the world we live in and the the lives ordinary people lead often go unnoticed. Our society merely skims the surface of the story so we usually only get the viewpoints of those with agendas. Whimsicast goes beyond all of that. Every episode will be an interview with a random, everyday person with nothing to offer the listener but themselves. Some stories will have cursing. Others will be disturbing and not for everyone. But my hope is that all stories will have some thread of redemption and encouragement. I hope you enjoy these wonderful people as much as I have in my journeys. -Stephen R. Sanders

My thoughts: This podcast is right up there next to Serial and S-Town for me -- wildly unique, compelling, character-driven stories that almost don't seem real, except they 100% are. The guests are completely intriguing, the production level is top-notch, and you will become completely engrossed in the lives of these folks within moments of listening. I look forward to the next episode so much, knowing the stories told won't be anything like the last, but will surely blow my mind and fascinate me. These episodes really are whimsical, diverse, unexpected, and a blast to listen to. (Some do have some sensitive material, so be warned.)

A favorite episode: Episode 1-- Robert

Hope Cast RVA

from David Dwight and Nicole Unice

Description: A podcast from Hope Church, in Richmond Virginia. (ps-- it was formerly Becomingcast, so many wonderful episodes can be found there in the same format with the same people!)

My thoughts: I have long loved this podcast -- this is my home church, and I'm so grateful for the wisdom and leadership of both David and Nicole. I love that the episodes are just about 15 minutes each, so they're perfect for listening on a quick drive around town. They always address topics that are helpful, relevant, applicable to daily life, challenging, encouraging, and thought provoking.

A favorite episode: Gospel Revolution - Episode 42 (this one has my friend Drew Daniels on with David, instead of Nicole! It's awesome.)