on antidotes for anxiety.


oh, anxiety. i've gotten a lot more comfortable with that "A word" i used to hate. i've become more comfortable talking about my anxiety. i've learned how to put words to more of the emotions, how to process the panic, how to write it out and work it out instead of trying to bottle it all up.

i've learned little by little that the anxiety does not have to win.

the panic does not have to have all the power. even when everything feels out of control, i'm working to remember that there are always things i can do to process through things in a healthy way and maintain a sense of control over my emotions. it doesn't always work and sometimes a breakdown is inevitable, but i'm figuring out more of what works for me.

here are some of my best antidotes for anxiety:

  • spending daily time in Scripture. even if I just focus on one verse and read it multiple times, reminding myself of truth is essential.

  • the "relax" feature on my FitBit.. taking 2 or 5 minutes just to focus on being still and breathing deeply makes a big difference.

  • getting outside. there's nothing quite like fresh air.

  • taking a walk.

  • journaling all my thoughts and feelings.

  • prayer. especially when i'm driving, i love just talking out loud with the lord and processing everything through prayer. warning: this always brings up ALL the emotions.

  • driving to work in silence every morning.

  • repeating my "freedom mantra" while looking at myself in the mirror once a day. mine goes like this: "freedom is yours to step into, beloved."

  • reading poetry. a few favorites here, here, and here.

  • diffusing essential oils.

  • lighting a candle. i love this one always.

  • wrapping myself up in a blanket burrito.

  • wearing a comfortable and familiar piece of clothing.

  • listening to calming music. this is my go-to playlist.

What are your best tips and tricks for the times when anxiety flares up?