The RAD Stuff // Vol. 13

This podcast episode made me laugh, made me cry, gave me chills, made me whip out my journal to write down some new prayers, and just was GOOD. Man, Carlos is the real deal. (And so is Annie.)

Wise advice from one of the loveliest writers I know about how to stay informed without getting overwhelmed.

This art is stunning. I love the simplicity and serenity of these paintings and drawings.

"Our best is sometimes awful. The world is feeling terrible and tumultuous, and also extraordinary, and I cannot resolve the two." // Everything Erin writes is gold, and these are much needed thoughts.

This is precious. Love that lasts, man. That's the good stuff.

I can't wait to start using these

Goodness, this makes me want to go back to one of my top 5 favorite cities.

Looking for ethically made men's clothing? Look no further.

Read this post:

"It’s not beautiful to be a Christian country club, members of our kind only.
It’s not beautiful to be racist.
It’s not beautiful to stay stuck in our messes and never let God use us, because we’ve decided perfection is the litmus test.
It’s not beautiful to love grace and preach love but deny truth and righteousness.
It’s not beautiful to work for God and not dwell with Him, intimately.
It’s not beautiful to be so pleased with ourselves we can no longer see the Cross.
It’s not beautiful to live God-ish lives. (II Tim. 3:5)"