A Gift Guide for Bookworms


As I sent my Christmas wishlist to family this year, I realized 95% of it is books... and I'm totally okay with that. Getting all books for Christmas would be basically the best thing ever in my mind! My bookshelves, however, might want me to relax when it comes to adding more books... but that still leaves plenty of book-related items up for grabs! ;)

I'll definitely include a few of my favorite books if you're looking to go that route, but I've gathered up a bunch of fun little giftable things the book lovers in your life are sure to adore. (Or maybe that book lover is you! I say TREAT YO SELF.)

ps-- there might be some affiliate links here! thanks in advance!

Here are some great bookish ideas for your gift giving:

Bookplate stickers

on sale currently for $6! (normally $8)

These are such a fun idea and SO beautifully designed -- I love everything Dana Tanamachi creates, and I'd love to put these in some of the books I know I'll have in my library forever.

Floating bookshelves

$27 for 3

I have these in my room and get comments about them ALL THE TIME. They're such a great decor item for the book lovers in your life -- I display my antique books grouped by color on mine, and they look great. A tiny little hook catches the back flap of the book, making it really easy and totally invisible to stack your books up and make them "float."

The Puffin in Bloom Collection

$44 for 4 classics

These are books I ADORE (especially Little Women-- my all-time favorite!) and these versions designed by Rifle Paper Co. are just perfect. How adorable would these be in a little girl's room or even just on your own bookshelves?! Swoon.

Book dart tin

50 darts for $12

I love these as an alternative to bookmarks -- I am a big believer in writing in books as I read them, but sometimes, want a standout marker for what I loved about a book. These are perfect! They slip right on to the edges of the page and have the perfect amount of weight to them. My only complaint is I want so many more of them because I use them so often!

Book of the Month Club Subscription

3 months for $45

This is my FAVORITE monthly subscription -- books handpicked by celebrity judges? Yes please. These books are always excellent quality (hardback books for like half the price they are in stores? Yup.) and I love them every month-- you can't go wrong here.

Season's Readings Sweatshirt

$42 (preorders end 11/20 so act quick!)

This is hilarious. I think every bookworm needs this for all those chilly evenings spent curled up with a good book, don't you agree? It's on my wishlist for sure.


Bookstore candle


What bookworm DOESN'T love the smell of a bookstore? Mahogany, leather, and coffee? Sounds heavenly.

Book Light


This clip on book light is LED, rechargeable via USB, can attach to a Kindle or a book, has four levels of brightness, and nearly all 5 star reviews. Book lights may seem nerdy, but they are SO handy, and I'm obsessed with mine personally.

And now...

Books for the friend who loves...