The RAD Stuff // Vol. 14


My friend Annie is the only other gluten-free and vegan person I know, and I am SO GLAD she just saved my life with this vgf CINNAMON ROLL RECIPE. I cannot even wait to eat these.

Here are two songs you REALLY need in your life: If Blink-182 covered The 1975, and then if The 1975 covered Blink-182. They're both amazing. I smiled so hard and they sound SO GOOD.

Wise, true, relevant. (If you want more, the full post is here, and worth a read.)

If you're wondering if you should be taking supplements, this is a great article to start with.

4-ingredient vegan chocolate peanut butter fudge? Yes! I made this on a recent snow day, and YUM. Make sure you like coconut, and I advise buying coconut butter instead of trying to make it yourself, but it's delish.

This quote (and following thoughts) on men vs. women is SPOT ON. A thousand times, yes.

If you call yourself a perfectionist or are an Enneagram One or just find perfectionism fascinating, this interview is AMAZING. So much goodness, so many incredible pieces of advice.

So can we just give major props to Black women for overwhelmingly doing the right thing in Alabama recently with the Moore/Jones situation? I have a LOT of feelings about white people right now (I'll keep them to myself until I can speak constructively) and I really loved this article about how to ACTUALLY thank Black women (hint: it goes beyond just tweeting).

A year of no shopping. Yes, and yes. So wise, well said, and encouraging. I'm doing this in 2018! (My rules: No buying clothes, jewelry, shoes, accessories. No buying books (except for twice a year at the library's book sale, and with a budget when I go! No purchasing home goods (unless something necessary breaks) or beauty products (unless I run out and do not have any extra on hand) or any sort of office supply/craft item (journals, stationary, etc are my downfall!). Stick to my budget when giving gifts, and scale back whenever possible. Arts and culture things (like museums, concerts, plays, eating out, etc) are still allowed, as long as they fit in my established monthly budget.)

Thinking about going on a diet this New Year? Read this hilarious and perfect advice from Anne Lamott instead.