My 2018 RAD52in52 Bucket List

Every year, I make a list of 52 things I want to do that year (because 52 weeks in the year, although they aren't weekly items!) and it's become one of my favorite ongoing challenges. It's so fun to have a list of adventures, ideas, and goals in mind throughout the year. Something about having them all written out like this just makes me SO much more motivated to make things happen!

(I'll bold them when they are completed, and italicize them when they are in progress!)

Here is my 2018 bucket list:

  1. See live theater. // Done -- Finding Neverland 2/1/18 at Altria Theater with Mom.

  2. Completely pay off all family debt. // Done -- 3/2018

  3. Attempt to pay off all credit card debt.

  4. Start composting. // Done -- 1/2018.

  5. Read 150+ books.

    1. Find them all here.

  6. Complete a reading challenge.

  7. Read 100+ books NOT by white men.

    1. Find them all here.

  8. Read 5+ classics.

    1. Anthem by Ayn Rand

  9. Read 5+ new books of poetry. // Done

    1. Zion by TJ Jarrett

    2. Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

    3. The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur

    4. Flight by Anne Poarch

    5. After by Jane Hirshfield

    6. This Day by Wendell Berry

    7. Otherwise by Jane Kenyon

  10. Try 10 new restaurants. // Done

    1. Sushi Oka in Vail, CO

    2. Terra Bistro in Vail, CO

    3. Birdcall in Denver, CO

    4. Comida in Aurora, CO

    5. City O'City in Denver, CO

    6. Tulsi in Richmond, VA

    7. Boulevard Burger and Brew in Richmond, VA

    8. Don't Look Back Triple in Richmond, VA

    9. Beauvine in Richmond, VA

    10. PBR in Richmond, VA

    11. River City Wood Fired Pizza in Richmond, VA

    12. Nota Bene in Richmond, VA

    13. Roots Natural Kitchen in Richmond, VA

  11. Spend an afternoon cleaning up an area of my city.

  12. Do a new hike.

  13. Cook a vegan meal for other people. // Done -- 2/5/18.

  14. Try a 10x10 wardrobe challenge.

  15. Plant a summer vegetable garden. // Done -- 5/18

  16. Use my One Year PowerSheets for every month.

  17. Watch all Star Wars movies.

  18. See sharks in an aquarium. // Done -- 2/25/18 we went CAGE DIVING with sharks!!!

  19. Send "thankful for you" cards at Thanksgiving.

  20. Visit 3+ new churches.

    1. Area 10 — 1/8/18

    2. East End Fellowship

    3. Chapel RVA

  21. Donate blood.

  22. Visit my brother in Colorado. // Done -- 2/22-27/18

  23. Host or attend a Friendsgiving. // I tried, but schedules didn’t work out! Next year!

  24. Read the Bible in 90 days. // Done -- 4/1/18

  25. Get my car serviced with the recommended 100,000 mile maintenance things.

  26. Get a new piercing or tattoo. // Done-- 5/5/18 (read about them here!)

  27. Complete the Monument Avenue 10K again. // Done -- 4/14/18

  28. Volunteer in my community.

  29. Carve pumpkins for Halloween and roast the seeds.

  30. Get a real Christmas tree.

  31. Spend a summer day at the river.

  32. See at least one band I love in concert. // Done -- 3/24/18, Betty Who

  33. Create a piece of art for someone else.

  34. Make a time capsule.

  35. Go to at least one Capitals game. // Done -- 2/17/18, Caps vs. Red Wings

  36. Get my car detailed inside and out.

  37. Leave notes in my favorite books in a bookstore or library.

  38. Make a new cocktail.

  39. Visit a new library.

  40. Go camping.

  41. Get a batch of photos printed.

  42. Create a new playlist for each new season.

  43. Learn how to do headstands and handstands.

  44. Go stargazing.

  45. Take a trip to the beach.

  46. Cross at least 4 things off my 30 before 30 bucket list.

  47. Cook 20 recipes from cookbooks I own.

    1. Wacky cake

    2. Mega crunch granola (The First Mess)

    3. Sweet potato and black bean enchiladas

    4. Spanish Rice (Vegan Richa)

    5. Strawberry Chia Jam

  48. Go to a poetry or spoken word event.

  49. Attend an event at Ellwood Thompson's (a local market).

  50. Visit family in Georgia. // Done -- 4/9/18

  51. Start a journal for tracking my books. (What I own, what I get from the library, what I buy, etc) // Done -- 1/2018.

  52. Take a step forward in my career.