A Giving Back Gift Guide (All Under $50!)


I am SO passionate about using my money to support causes and organizations that matter to me -- if I'm going to be shopping anyway, why not also do some good in the world at the same time?! Plus, it's so much more fun and special to give and receive unique gifts instead of just mass produced things bought on Amazon. Everything on this list is under $50 -- it just goes to show you can support incredible, sustainable, ethical companies and give amazing gifts that also help the world be a better place without breaking the bank at the same time!

ps-- Almost everything on this list is from a company I've personally purchased products from, so I can vouch for their legitimacy and quality (and I'll tell you when that's not the case). I always love recommending things to you all that I have tried for myself first! There are also some affiliate links here. :) Happy shopping, friends!

Here are some of my favorite gifts that do good:

Aura Earrings

$44 from ABLE

Everything from ABLE has been made by women who have overcome. They're focused on ending generational poverty, and they do so by empowering women with opportunities and careers that help them earn an income and invest back into their families and communities.  Plus, aren't these earrings just so super cool?! Also-- check out the new apparel (especially the denim!) and shoes they've just started carrying... so good.

Eucalyptus + Sage candle

$30 from Sydney Hale Co.

All Sydney Hale Co. candles are made in the US (actually here in my own city!) so you're not only supporting a small, local business, but all their sales give back to animal rescue foundations across the country, too. These candles (this scent in particular!) are my absolute FAVORITES and they last such a long time-- they're worth every penny.

The Dreamer necklace

$48 from 31Bits

These products are all ethically made in marketplaces around the world, where workers are provided with a fair wage, a safe work environment, a family atmosphere, and access to the global market. These pieces are some of my favorites-- I wear a bundle of their bracelets almost every day! This necklace is such a stunning statement piece (and so lightweight!).

Grace Tee in Organic

$48 from Krochet Kids

Krochet Kids is another company helping empower women and end the cycle of poverty. The woman who made each product signs her name on the tag, and it's the coolest personal touch that reminds you exactly who you are supporting when you shop. I have several scarves and beanies from KK and love them all! This shirt is 100% my style and it's definitely on my wishlist. They've got products for women, men, and kids!

The Vee Tee - White

$29 from Slumlove

This company not only has sustainable and ethical business practices, but they also give back to a non-profit that provides high school scholarships to children living in one of the world's largest slums. That's awesome. This shirt is made for 100% organic cotton with natural and eco-friendly dyes, and what guy doesn't look GREAT in a well-made white v-neck?! Yes please.

(ps-- I haven't purchased anything from this company yet, but found about them from my trusted friend Kelly at The Good Wear Blog!)

Matte Black Key Necklace

$42 from The Giving Keys

Each product from the Giving Keys helps create employment opportunities for people transitioning out of homelessness. Ever since I heard their founder Caitlin Crosby speak at a conference and got to meet her, I've been obsessed with this company. I have several keys myself, and am waiting for the perfect opportunity to pass them along (they encourage you to give your key away to someone who needs the encouragement of whatever word is engraved on it, hence the "giving key" name!). I feel like a "hope" key would be perfect for the start of a new year.

Wyatt the Fox doll

$48 from Cuddle + Kind

Each of these dolls provides 10 meals for kids in need, supporting incredible established programs helping feed hungry children around the world. These dolls are beautifully made, and SO fun (I love this hipster fox so much!)-- I bet they'd last a long time and would be treasured by the little ones in your life.

(ps-- I haven't shopped with Cuddle + Kind before, but heard about them from my trusted friend Victoria Strader!)

Basket / Black Ravine

$36 from Solo Hope

Solo Hope has a mission-driven approach providing economic development, education and discipleship, and their products are top notch. I have one of their baskets and it's one of my favorite things in my home! This one is such a unique shape and would look awesome on a bookshelf or a mantle.