10 Green Beauty Products I'm Loving Lately


In order from left to right, I want to share a little bit about 10 good great beauty products that I've been loving using lately. I've had all of them for more than a few weeks or months each, so I've been using them long enough to actually feel like I can vouch for them! 

If you aren't already using the Think Dirty app, you definitely should download it (for free!) and scan your beauty products to see what kinds of ingredients are in them-- you'll see a rating from 1 (very good) -10 (very, very bad) depending on how toxic things are, and it's SO eye-opening. I've thrown out so many products over the last few months and have been transitioning my products slowly over time, and really am loving the process and the products I've found. I'll share the Think Dirty ratings for the products that are in their directory!

Tea Tree Shampoo // $8.95 from Maple Holistics

Maple Holistics kindly sent this shampoo for me to try, and I've really been loving it. I've used tea tree shampoos in the past and haven't always loved them, but this one makes my hair feel SUPER clean while still lathering well and feeling soft afterward. That's a win for a natural shampoo in my book! It definitely smells like straight up tea tree, so if that isn't a smell you love (it can be strong), then this might not be for you. Also-- fun fact: you can get free products from Maple Holistics if you fill the form out here!

Dry Shampoo for Brunette to Dark Hair // $12.99 from Acure

(1 on Think Dirty!) Note: the Acure products have all been recently rebranded, so the products won't look the exact same as mine do, but they are the same!

100% Organic Argan Oil // Trader Joe's

This stuff has been my saving grace this winter as my skin has gotten SO dry -- I put it on before bed and while it does make me look a little shiny for a bit (what oil wouldn't?), I find that it sinks in well and helps my skin feel softer and more moisturized.

Radical Resurfacing Lotion // $10.87 from Acure

I've been using this before my moisturizer lately in efforts to rebalance my skin tone and coloring, and I think it's helping! Only more time will tell.

Rosewater Spray // $12.35 from SW Basics

This literally has one ingredient: rosewater. Love that. It's a refreshing mist, that I use in the mornings as a light toner and just as a spray to freshen up! I found mine at Target.

Makeup Remover // $14 from Urban Oreganics

This stuff is great, and removes my makeup well without feeling too oily, greasy, or making me have to work too hard to remove stubborn mascara. It's lasting me a long while too, and I love that it comes in a glass bottle instead of plastic!

Facial Cleansing Gel // $7.92 from Acure

This smells fruity and fresh, and it lathers well and doesn't leave my skin feeling super tight or dry afterward. Big fan of Acure products.

Nourishing Night Cream // $47 from Beautycounter

I got a free sample of this stuff, clearly, because $47 for night cream is NOT how I live my life. But, it's been great! It's thick and feels substantial when I put it on, and although I think it would feel like too much for the day, it's great at night when I'm just going to bed and it can work its magic.

Pore Purifying Mini Peel // $4.89 from Alba Botanica

(5 on Think Dirty!) This is a fun little face mask option that I have loved using about once a week -- it tingles while it works, smells great, and just washes off like face wash, making it easy to do in the shower.

Mouthwash // $3.98 from Tom's

(2 on Think Dirty!) Big fan of this stuff-- minty and fresh without tasting funky or being overly alcohol-ish in its burn!

What products are you loving these days?