Currently // Dec. 2017

First, a quick note: Please be praying for all those affected by the Thomas Fire in Ventura, CA. My aunt and uncle's home (my favorite place on earth) burned to the ground yesterday and I'm completely devastated for them. Everyone is safe and they were able to save some treasured possessions, but I just can't even image the grief of losing so much just like that. So grateful they're okay. Praying the fires are extinguished so, so soon. Lord Jesus, be near...

Every month, Anne of In Residence hosts a fun little link-up with a handful of prompts, and this month, she's co-hosting with Catherine of A Short Blonde! It's always fun to pop in and share little snippets with you all, especially when they're lighthearted and full of holiday spirit!

LIGHTING // this candle or this candle every night lately -- perfect Christmas scents!

SPENDING // as little money as possible these days... which is SO HARD during the holiday season, especially since my love language is gift giving! But, there is a credit card to be paid off and I have GOT to make some serious progress there ASAP, so tis the season for simplifying and DIYing and not going overboard!

CHOOSING // the books I both want and need to read before this year ends has been so much fun and a little stressful. I'm 15 books away from my yearly goal of 200, and there are several books I still need to write reviews for, several that will check off categories on my reading challenge, and several that are Advent re-reads... let's hope I can get through them all and hit my goal! The pressure is on!

SENDING // no mail this month, because I send Thanksgiving cards out to friends and family instead! I'm not a rebel for nothing. ;)

SINGING // along to this album the most this Christmas season so far. Especially "Seasons." That song will WRECK you.

What are YOU currently lighting, spending, choosing, sending, and singing?