A List of Things I Love Today

Valentine's Day... I usually hate you. I'm usually cynical. I'm usually snarky. (Being single every day for a while kinda does that to a girl...) But you know what I realized this morning? Life's too short. Let people love their people. Let them be mushy on Instagram. Let there be a million pictures of bouquets and chocolates and cards bought from the 99 cent section at Target. I even changed out of my all-black outfit to wear a burgundy sweater today, because FESTIVE. And I even EVEN have a date tonight. Because it's just the kind of day for things like that, yeah? It's really not that bad, and if people want to shower their partners with rose petals and conversation hearts, they should do that, and I should be cheering them on, because love is a great thing to be a fan of.

There's a lot to love. There really is. Even when the whole world feels like a big fat mess, there is goodness to be found, and I want to be the kind of person who keeps her eyes open to look for it and her heart open to receive it. 

So, here's a whole lot of things I'm loving today:

  • The fact that I not only showered before work, but also blew my hair dry AND straightened it. This is an accomplishment. Anyone feel me?
  • That coffee waits for me every morning thanks to my roommate. (This is such a gift.)
  • Mornings that start in the Word. Haven't missed a day yet in 2017!
  • It's Arizona's 105th birthday. What a great state! Celebrating from afar today.
  • The donut/fruit/treat spread our office prepared for us this morning.
  • Black nail polish. (Some things never change.)
  • The festive garland across our mantle. (I bought something pink and glittery!!!)
  • This flavor of Daily Harvest smoothie I had for breakfast.
  • Writing in colored markers. (This NEVER happens.)
  • My beautiful mala necklace (diffusing happy oils!) made by a sweet friend.
  • Realizing that my hair has actually grown noticeably since October's big chop. PRAISE.
  • Seeing all the snarky, sweet, sentimental, and serious posts from friends in all stages of love.
  • This playlist. (Made this two years ago for The Rising but still jamming to it!)
  • Plantain chips with my guac/vegan chorizo/salsa combo for lunch.
  • That I got 4 new books yesterday at my favorite local bookstore thanks to selling books for store credit!
  • And also all the friends who affirmed that buying said books with store credit did not break my "no buying books in 2017" rule. The real MVPs.
  • Seeing my dear friend Amber twinning with her baby girl. My heart.
  • Fresh citrus in the winter. (Love you, blood oranges.)
  • Sweet messages (with beautifully written letters) from friends like this one.
  • Texts from my grandma with valentines from my 5-year-old cousin who is IN LOVE with me.
  • Waking up to an e-card in my inbox from my mom.
  • All the hilarious valentine memes and GIFs the NHL is tweeting today.
  • This hoodie. IT'S A SHARK. I need this, right? RIGHT?! (Update: bought this for myself. Because, #treatyoself. No regrets.)
  • Finding out that a past post of mine was included in this Valentine's Day post!
  • Getting to share my story of singleness/dating in THIS STUNNING BOOK. Goodness, I'm in love. (With the book. Not a boy. haha!)
  • Receiving free books from publishers at work!
  • Sketchbooks and markers and lots of fun hand lettering work to do.
  • The women I'm part of planning un/defined gathering with.

What are you loving today?