My Capsule Wardrobe: The First Two Weeks

Never have I ever once considered being a fashion blogger, but I'm really loving this capsule wardrobe experiment, and you all said on Twitter you wanted to see more... so here we are!

I did not want to get serious about this and set up a tripod and my real camera, so you're going to get really fun and awkward selfie stick shots. Most will probably be blurry, because taking pictures of your own outfits is hard. Cut me some slack. Maybe I'll start caring more about this soon... but probably not because I don't have time to become a fashion photographer.

If you want a refresher on just what exactly my capsule wardrobe is, you can read the first post here!

I started this experiment the last week of February, but didn't start taking pictures until March 1, so here are the first two weeks to show you how I got started with my capsule!

Here's what I've worn so far:

March 1: work then Ash Wednesday service at church. // I had no clue it was going to rain this day, but my umbrella did the trick and I didn't need my raincoat after all (it is part of my capsule, though)! Shoutout to my roommate for giving me this green jacket I know will make MANY appearances in this capsule!

March 2: work // I don't know why I've never worn a pullover sweater over this blouse, but I really loved this combo and it was perfect for work. That blouse is sheer and flowy, so the thin sweater added great warmth on a cooler day.

March 3: work then dinner out with a friend // It somehow became winter again this day (it even snowed? what?) and I went straight for this thick and cozy L.L. Bean sweater and busted my black booties back out! I've always only worn this top on its own in the summer, so it was fun to mix it up with this outfit.

March 4: (not pictured) // It was a Saturday of coffee dates with Dad, running errands, and hanging out at my parents' house, and I just wore workout clothes (not part of my capsule).

March 5: lunch with family up in D.C. // It was FREEZING and this blouse + my green coat were NOT enough, but thankfully we weren't outside much so it wasn't too bad! This blouse is one of the two colorful things in my capsule. :)

March 6: work then a church meeting // The Noonday tassel necklace really makes this outfit fun (glad I didn't include accessories in my capsule number!) and also did a great job at hiding the coffee I accidentally spilled all down my white shirt. #mondays, am I right?

March 7: work // I'm really loving this Lucky Brand top -- it's so comfortable, colorful without being crazy, the perfect amount of flowy, and just the right kind of boho flair I love. Also loved being able to wear flats instead of booties-- yay spring!

March 8: work then dinner with my BFF // I broke the capsule rules with this one. As it was International Women's Day, it only seemed right that I wear my "feminist" tank top even though it isn't one of my capsule items. SUE ME. Everything else was though, promise.

March 9: work // This kimono is one of my favorite things-- so cozy, and just feels like I'm wearing a blanket. Who wouldn't want that? Also, these shoes were one of my two pre-capsule purchases, and although they're great and mostly comfy, I went on a two mile walk during lunch in them and came back with the gnarliest blisters! Oops.

March 10: work // A rainy Friday calls for feeling cozy, so a scarf was necessary. This shirt is a little cropped, but with high-ish waisted jeans, it worked fine, and I busted out my slightly taller pair of boots so I could wear cozier socks too. Because, Friday. 

March 11: babysitting // My Everlane sweatshirt was perfect for an evening babysitting, especially with a big scarf to keep me cozy while reading for hours once the kiddos went to bed!

March 12: church then tacos then exploring Maymont House // it was FREEZING in RVA this weekend, so I was all about layers -- a flannel and a sweater were both necessary. 

March 13: work // this one was a combo I could have sworn I'd worn before, but I hadn't! Simple and perfect for a Monday.

March 14: work then babysitting // It's legit WINTER here today (minus the snow, but with tons of cold rain instead... yay) and I came SO close to cheating on my capsule to bust out my thicker and cozier sweaters... but I made do.

Thoughts, feelings, observations, etc...

  • I have worn jeans EVERY day so far in March. I mean, this isn't shocking, and funky weather has had a lot to do with it, but it's funny to look at all of these pictures and realize it's all skinny jeans all the time.
  • I'm starting to really miss my other clothes.
  • I haven't struggled to put outfits together at all, but then again, wearing jeans and just having to throw a top on makes things pretttttttty easy. 
  • I can't wait for warmer days so I can start wearing my skirts and dresses! I absolutely HATE tights, so that's just not going to happen. I could wear leggings/thin running tights under them... but those weren't technically in my capsule, so I haven't cheated and done that yet.
  • It really makes it helpful when you have a clear color scheme, but I do miss wearing other colors (like things in the cream/tan/oatmeal family that I left out since it didn't quite fit).
  • I definitely could not have included accessories and shoes in this capsule. Being able to mix those up has made this seem a lot more doable and a lot more fun. Plus, I don't like wearing the same shoes back to back, since I feel like my feet need a break and need to mix things up!
  • I think winter-ish capsules are probably easier than spring/summer ones, simply because LAYERS. But then again, when you wear less pieces at a time in the hotter months, you can have more options in your capsule...
  • I'm liking this whole experiment so far, but I have been thinking a lot about maybe only doing it for a month or for the season of Lent instead (which ends on April 16). I feel like many of my pieces were more geared toward the winter season, and I already know I'll want to wear many more of my skirts and dresses when it's truly spring. We'll see how long I last!

Have you ever done a capsule wardrobe? How long did you last?