The RAD Stuff // Vol. 1

Every now and then, I find myself with a whole long list of things I just want to share with the world, and I need a place to put it all. This post? It's where I'm gathering it all up to give to you. I'll keep it short and sweet and share it on the weekends when I don't usually get on my computer much, but stop on by whenever you find some time to browse around.


This piece on "flying solo.All the feels, because that's so my season of life right now.

A newspaper all about hope and good news? Yes please.

Makeup I can actually feel good about. (And my new favorite lipstick--terra!)

Seeing Johnnyswim on Thursday. Again. Never too many times.

I wrote a thing about how to read more (and better).

So agree with this: Why Multi-Generational Relationships are Worth Pursuing

The latest thing to land in my Amazon cart.

Can't stop listening to this song

Also, I AM ON A PODCAST. What even! Such a dream come true.