A Coffee Date // April 10

My lovely friend Erin is a gracious host of these monthly virtual coffee dates, and it's just my favorite thing to pretend like we're all chatting together over tasty drinks. Let's grab a hot mug of something yummy and swap stories, shall we?

If we were on a coffee date... I would gush about the glory that is the library book sale. I went Friday during my lunch break and grabbed 13 books for $12. I may or may not have also gone back Saturday morning with friends for more... YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY BOOKS. I believe this wholeheartedly. (I also saw Beauty and the Beast finally and THAT LIBRARY. Swoon. That's #goals right there. Every book bought is just getting me one step closer! Now, to find me a castle and a preferably less-beastly prince...)

If we were on a coffee date... I would ask what's been on your good list lately. You know, the little things. The little gifts, the blessings, the joys. I shared a list of mine on this Instagram (side note: how pretty is my city in the spring?!) and have been adding to my 1,000 gifts journal regularly. It's a game-changer to focus on gratitude.

If we were on a coffee date... I'd ask what feels hard and what feels heavy on you right now. These kinds of things are meant to be spilled out and sorted through with real people, in real life, side by side or across the table or on couches in a room together. Every time I have these kinds of conversations lately, I'm reminded of how beautiful it is to break down walls and let others help carry our burdens.

If we were on a coffee date... I'd ask you about poetry. Are you a reader of poetry? If you are, who is your favorite poet? It's National Poetry Month if you didn't know, and I'm a big fan. I'd love to add your favorites to my shelf. I'd also tell you it's a really sacred, holy kind of thing to read poetry out loud to yourself. It gives me chills every time, and reminds me poetry is really meant to be spoken and shared.

If we were on a coffee date... I'd tell you The 100 Day Project feels different this time around. Maybe it's that I'm feeling less pressure since I'm sharing it on my hardly-used art Instagram, instead of my "real" one where I feel like the stakes are higher. Maybe it's that this project I'm doing is just whimsical and fun and totally random. Maybe it's just that I'm liking the making, the crafting, the coming up with an idea every day in new ways, since this is nothing like I've ever created before. Who knows. But, it's fun, and I'm glad to be doing it daily, and I'd love for you to follow along if you're interested!

If we were on a coffee date... I'd tell you I love letters. You probably already knew this about me, but that's okay. They're wonderful little pieces of our hearts that we get to hold forever, folded up and sealed with a lick in an envelope that travels far to get to the people we love. Goodness, I just think the whole thing is so beautiful. I got a four page letter from a faraway friend recently, and then I got a letter from my grandma down in Georgia, and then I got a cute thank you note from a close friend, and then I sealed up a package to send a book to a new friend, and I just felt so much joy over every bit of it. Who can you send a little love letter to today?