Kicking Off my Third Round of #The100DayProject

Today's the day, creatives!

The 100 Day Project is back again!

If you aren't familiar, The 100 Day Project is hosted by Elle Luna (with Lindsay Jean Thomson this year!) and it's a global, free, fun art challenge that anyone and everyone can participate in. The idea is that you choose some creative endeavor to do every day for 100 days, come up with a unique hashtag for it, and share it every day on Instagram so others can follow along. It's such a blast! You can find out all the info here if you're interested!

In 2015, I did #100daysofRADpages -- I filled a tiny sketchbook with little handwritten quotes, lyrics, doodles, and anything else that struck me.

In 2016, I did #100daysofRADwatercolors -- I painted a 5x7 card with watercolors every day. (And you guys, I am NOT a watercolorist.)

This year, I was stuck. I knew I wanted to try something new, because doing more of the same things I already do at work or for my blog didn't seem like a true challenge. I knew it couldn't be something too time consuming, or I would never find time to do it every day for 100 days straight. I wanted it to be interesting, a little out of my comfort zone, relevant to my interests, and just plain fun.

After a brainstorming sesh with my roommate, I finally stumbled upon an idea that has me SO excited...



Here's what I'll be working with (and a Jhumpa Lahiri quote that keeps encouraging me):

I've got a 100 page sketchbook, an old plant ecology book, a 1940 hymnal, and an Oxford dictionary of difficult words. I'll use scissors and glue (and maybe other elements too?!) and it will all live in that spiral bound sketchbook for 100 days (and beyond)!

The idea is to cut up those old books (which hurts my heart a little bit, I admit, but hey, I'm turning something old into something new and hopefully beautiful!) and turn them into little pieces of art every day in that sketchbook. It might be patterns, it might be mixed media, it might be just whole sheets from the books...who knows. I have 100 days to play, and anything can happen!

Here are some things that have sparked inspiration:

I'll be instagramming along the way, on my ART INSTAGRAM (not my normal one, so I don't bug the heck out of people!) -- follow that account HERE to see what I'm up to for the next 100 days!

Are YOU doing The 100 Day Project?! Leave your hashtag and your Instagram handle in the comments if so, and I'll be sure to follow along!