30 Things to Do Before I'm 30

Turning 25 this year felt like a solid milestone-- a quarter of a century, halfway through my twenties, and solidly ADULT. It's a little weird to think back on who I was when I was twenty, and to realize in that same amount of time, I'll be 30... which seems both super exciting and a little terrifying too! (I know 30 is not old, but still, it feels big!)

I'm a big fan of bucket lists, and have shared several here (20152016, 2017) and wanted to gather up all the things I want to do, wish I could see or experience, and dream about in one master list of goals for the next 5 years before that big 3-0 milestone! The years fly by, and even though these aren't MASSIVE goals, I know writing them down will actually help me knock them out in the next few years!

Here are 30 things on my list to (attempt to) do before I turn 30:

  1. Visit all 50 states. (I have 17 left!)
  2. Go to a country concert.
  3. Move to a new city/state/country.
  4. Meet 5 (or more) blogger friends. // DONE! July 2017
  5. See another musical on Broadway in NYC. (Hamilton?!)
  6. Go on another hot air balloon ride (without fainting this time...).
  7. Get a full food allergy work up done. // DONE! June 2017
  8. Read 500 books.
  9. Launch a new website.
  10. Buy a bike.
  11. Bike from one city to another.
  12. Run an entire 5k.
  13. Do a 10k in under an hour.
  14. Take a hot yoga class. // DONE! June 2017
  15. Take a solo overnight trip.
  16. Write a book. (Even if it never gets published.)
  17. Pay off all debt and remain debt-free. 
  18. Adopt a pet. (Not a fish.)
  19. Host a family gathering/holiday at my home.
  20. Have some kind of shark encounter. (Cage diving?!) // DONE! February 2018
  21. Go to a final round Stanley Cup playoff game (but only if the Caps make it that far).
  22. Go to a MLB game (see my hometown Diamondbacks play again?!).
  23. Buy a new car (since I think my trusty 2005 Ford Focus won't live until 2022...).
  24. Use a birthday as a way to gather support and donations for a charity/cause.
  25. Pay it forward in a drive thru line.
  26. Go camping in a tent.
  27. Visit at least one new National Park.
  28. Hike a real mountain. (At least one!)
  29. Try something brand new with my hair. // DONE! May 2018
  30. Host a Friendsgiving with people I love.

What's the #1 thing on your bucket list?!