Little Letters // June 2017

It's been a while since I've written little letters here, but it feels like a Friday where we should name the good things and celebrate the joy. You with me? Join Kristin for this fun little link-up and share your own little letters!

Dear June days with highs in the 60s/70s and no humidity, can you stay forever? You make for dreamy back porch evenings reading by (citronella) candlelight, and I am a big fan of you.

Dear Arbonne Shake it Off Challenge... you're going okay, so far. I mean, it's been one full day and then this morning so far... but I'm not dead yet. I almost always made breakfast smoothies anyway, so that hasn't been a change at all (except now I'm adding in a detox stick with enzymes, pre- and probiotics and the Arbonne brand of protein powder), so really the only differences are that I'm not drinking coffee or alcohol, I'm being super conscious of my snacking (my downfall), and I'm having a second shake for another meal. I'm still eating mostly my normal food for meals (salads, tofu, roasted veggies, fruit, nuts, etc) and really just trying to be better about not eating an entire bag of gf pretzels in like two days, or snacking all day long without thinking. I'll keep you updated on how the ten days turn out!

Dear black nail polish, thanks for making me feel more like myself. You're my favorite

Dear Anne Lamott, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, for doing a Facebook live interview with TED, and for answering MY QUESTION on the air. Literally the coolest thing. It was so great to hear your advice on how to balance sharing our stories with telling too much of other people's stories when they're part of ours -- you are a wise, wise woman. "You own whatever has happened to you" is incredibly helpful advice. Also, thanks for retweeting my tweet about it -- I really feel like we are real life BFFs now, and it's the best.

Dear natural hair, I'm trying to embrace you and leave you free and wild more often (I almost always have my hair up in a bun or braid or ponytail!) but you are OUT OF CONTROL. I do not know how to tame you so you aren't huge and in my face. Anybody have magic hair products for thick, wavy hair?!

Dear gardenI'm so proud of you. You've given me more than a dozen tomatoes so far, you have LOTS of little peppers starting to grow, you have strawberries finally turning pink, you have lots of squash blossoms that will soon be zucchini, you have TONS of green onions and lettuce greens, you're working hard to grow brussels sprouts and carrots, and you even have given me edamame! My time with you every morning and evening is such sweet, restful time. Thanks for grounding me.

Dear library, you're the real MVP. After a few hours just wandering your aisles and camping out in your comfy chairs, I'm reminded that sometimes reading can be less about what's received rave reviews and lots of blog publicity and more about what looks good just from what I see on the shelf. Love you forever.

Dear veg lifestyle, how has it been seven years already?! Never going back.

When one of my favorite blogger friends, Kristin of Taz + Belly, started this little letter linkup, I knew I would be all in every month! She's hosting this linkup the second Friday of every month if you want to share your little letters, too-- we would love to have you! Here's her post today!