Little Letters // July 2017

Once a month, I join Kristin for this fun little link-up sharing little letters to the sweet things in life -- feel free to whip up a post of your own and share your own little letters!

Dear blogger friends... it was wonderful to meet you in real life. (I'm talking about Annie, Bailey, Taylor, Lauren, Jessica, Kaitlin, and Gennean!) I know people think it's a little crazy that people I only know from the Internet traveled to see me (and stay with me in RVA for a night!) and that I road tripped with them to another state to meet up with even more friends... but nothing about it was weird! These girls have been dear friends and kindred spirits for so long, and it was so fun to get to actually all be together. (And here's the funny part-- NOBODY is exactly the same in real life as they are online! There were so many times we laughed about how different we were in person and about how there's so much you just can't learn about a person on the internet, which made it all just such a hilarious and wild experience!)

Dear hot yoga... you have changed my life. I love you a lot. I can't stop talking about you. You're making me THAT ANNOYING GIRL. But I still love you. Thanks for giving me the best workouts of my life, for pushing me, for helping me believe in myself and feel stronger, for the boost of confidence about being in my own skin. You're the best. 

Dear coffee and alcohol... I don't miss you at all. It's been a month and a half since I've had a drop of either of you, and it's been surprisingly great to cut you out. I do really love you, don't get me wrong, but I feel so much happier, more stable, and less anxious without you. 

Dear wallet... I'm sorry for all the bookstores we visited in our travels. But at least we should be proud that I never paid more than $7 for a book? Right? (I'll try to fill you back up asap, I promise...)

Dear RVA summer... you're in full force now. June was such a tease with all the rain and cooler temps and no humidity... but now I remember what summer here is like. Basically, HUMIDITY. And I don't love it. But it's almost August! And then almost fall! We can do this!

Dear Mason jars...  you help me drink more water. Especially with these lids and these stainless steel straws (even if my coworkers joked that I looked like a hamster drinking from their metal water straws...). I love seeing the water go down by the notches on the sides of your glass jars (and love that you help me have less plastic in my life) and that you motivate me to drink those 100 ounces a day!

Dear standing desk... you're taking some getting used to. This foam mat thing is helping, and switching from standing to sitting in intervals helps, but goodness... you feel SO DIFFERENT than sitting/slouching all day. I'm grateful, but it's also harder than I expected to make the switch! (This stepper--although pink-- is a nice change of pace too! I love that it's silent and that the little screen tracks steps, time, calories burned, etc. So fun.)

Dear daith piercing... I never talked about you on the blog, but hey, thanks for being awesome! People always told me you would help me not have migraines anymore, and they were right. I haven't had ONE since I pierced you! That's major. Also, you make me feel a little more badass, so thanks.

Dear counseling... I missed you the week I was away. I'm glad to be back. Thank you for pushing me to deeper, truer, freer places. I will never be the same.

Dear 7th Heaven... thanks for being on Hulu. It's been weeks and weeks since I've watched any shows (thanks, books!) but you're the perfect light-hearted, fun, sweet show to revisit when I need to relax. Plus, the 90s. What a time.