Little Letters // August 2017

Once a month, I join Kristin for this fun little link-up sharing little letters to the sweet things in life -- feel free to whip up a post of your own and share your own little letters! There are some affiliate links in this post, just so you're aware and all that. :)

Dear women debating joining that small group or Bible study or book club... I wrote this piece at work this week and I think it's helpful (for you and for my own self) to remember.

Dear suuuuuuuper cheesy "Coffee Shop" movie my roomie and I watched on Netflix last night... thanks for the opportunity to laugh so hard we cried, then actually tear up, and then laugh some more. Sometimes the most random movie nights end up being the very best movie nights. (also, random pro tip: pop some plain popcorn, spray some coconut oil on, add a little pink salt, and copious amounts of nutritional yeast for the BEST cheesy-ish, guilt-free popcorn snack.)

Dear social media followers, thank you for helping me make a very tough decision between three great Everlane pieces. Most votes have been for the sage sweater, and I have to admit, that's what I was leaning toward anyway, so I think I'm pulling the trigger today! (If you haven't shopped at Everlane, they're my FAVE ethical clothing company, and I legit have more than a dozen pieces from them and I adore them all. Here's a link for you to check it out! Be sure to visit the "choose what you pay" page for awesome deals.)

Dear counseling, you are hard. You are messy. You are really intense and emotional and draining and beautiful and scary and worth it. You've helped me open up, start to heal, grow closer to Christ, take healthy risks, and love my self, others, and Jesus better, little by little. I'm grateful, even when I'm shaking in my boots.

Dear The Rising, I don't know what to do with you. You are my baby and I have loved pouring so much time and energy and heart into you over the years. But I'm debating if it's something I have time to keep running... and trying to get a feel for what's best for my team/our site for the future. If anyone has thoughts/wants to be part of the team/would miss the site if it went down-- holler!

Dear new diffuser, thanks for having timed settings (an hour, two hours, etc) and both high and low settings and a big tank for more water and for only being $20! You're way better than the old one I had, and I've loved having you running in the mornings with cheery essential oil blends to help me wake up.

Dear zero humidity days and mornings that feel like fall, you are more than welcome to stick around. Forever. Because I love you. A lot.

Dear reading challenge, you felt IMPOSSIBLE when I set you back in January. 200 books in a year?! How the HECK was I going to do that? But here we are, on August 11, and I've completed 133 books. That's 12 ahead of schedule, so I'm feeling pretttttttty dang good about things. And also still shocked at that number. (If you're thinking "HOW" all I can tell you is read this post.)

Dear hot yoga instructors, thanks for saying "create space" so many times in class. Because of you and because of that phrase, I'm learning a LOT (and writing about it here).

Dear Anne Bogel, I'm so glad you wrote a book about books and people who read and personality types, because those are some of my most favorite things. You've been my go-to for book talk for FOREVER, and now you're an author in your own right and it's just the BEST. (I'll tell you more about her new book soon, but you can preorder it now for like $9 and get fun goodies as a treat over on her site!)