The RAD Stuff // Vol. 10


Literally HOW COOL is this orthodontist's office? (I'm serious.) Saw this pop up on a design blog I follow and was like uhh... BUT THEN LOOK AT IT. Can I live there, please?

There's this awesome Chinese place near my parents' house that has the BEST dry fried spicy eggplant, and I've never known how to recreate it. I think this recipe gives me a good starting point... maybe I'll add red chili flakes and a Sriracha dipping sauce? YUM.

"Why Christians Should Avoid Watching Rape Scenes" // I wholeheartedly agree with this (it's a major reason why I'll never watch Game of Thrones), and I'm so grateful for the way Katelyn isn't afraid to write about the hard things and ask the controversial questions. 

"You are not the work you do; you are the person you are." // Love this piece from Toni Morrison on The New Yorker.

THIS post is beautiful. // "We are called to a holy softness. So much of my life has been spent harboring bitterness towards people for my own choices. But it’s not really showing up if you do it in hopes that someone will clap for you. The heart of the Father is soft. His heart is forgiving, and He is fluent in the art of second  chances. He is the designer of selflessness, and He has mastered bottomless-giving. He yearns to shower us in gifts and provisions–not because He expects something in return, but because it’s the core of His character."

Annie Dillard's Classic Essay: 'Total Eclipse' (a stunning must-read)

This podcast from my church is GOOD. It's 21 minutes and man, I loved this one. (I love them all, but still.) Making broken things beautiful? YES. Story of my dang life right now.

How to keep berries fresh longer is the kind of advice we need more of in life.

If you need to look at pictures of beautiful, serene places that will remind you to breathe and help you feel safe and calm, here you go. Love when design blogs can talk about current events in a way that's relevant to their brand, and this does that perfectly.

A must-read post from my dear friend Erin. Trust me.

Oh, did you see I started a bookstagram? I'm going to do a giveaway once we hit 500 followers!

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