The RAD Stuff // Vol. 11


I've been off my game with blogging lately, and you know what? I feel 100% okay with it. It's been freeing to not feel stuck to a certain schedule, and I've loved only sharing when I truly want to share without feeling like I HAVE to share. I miss writing in some ways, the old school kind of blog writing where I'd pour out thoughts and my heart... and I finally sat down to write like that again this week. It felt good, and I'll share soon!

But for now, I just want to share the good stuff. The happy and hopeful and helpful stuff. So, here we are!

And ps-- there are affiliate links here. :)

Loved seeing my beloved city featured on Darling Magazine -- so many of my favorites are highlighted here! So much good girl power.

I bought a paper roll like this forever ago and I need to install this hanging system for it -- so fun!

Concerts I'm going to/have gone to this month: John Mark McMillan with The Brilliance and LaPeer; LANY; Needtobreathe with Billy Raffoul. It's all going to be great. There's just nothing like live music.

I'm a big fan of no bake bite things, and these pumpkin pie protein balls sound perfect for fall. (vegan and gluten free, too!)

If you're trying to plan any adventures to see fall foliage, this map is a super helpful guide! (I'm already dreaming of a road trip through New England next September!)

Things I've bought on Amazon in the last two weeks: this water bottle (because I need more room for water during 75 minute hot yoga classes). Brene Brown's new book. Gretchen Rubin's new book on the four tendencies (I'm rebel, through and through). HRC's new book (even though I didn't vote for her -- I went third party -- because I'm so curious and want to better understand this whole election season mess). This vegan protein powder (the best of all the kinds I've tried!).

ANNOUNCEMENT: EVERLANE RELEASED DAMN GOOD DENIM. Damn right, I bought a pair the very same day. Get you some!

Loved hearing about everyone's favorite local bookstores on this post -- can I plan a road trip around the world just to stop in all the best bookstores in every city?! What a dream that would be! (Top of my list: Strand in NYC, and a repeat to Powell's in Portland!)

"Creative results often stem from creative processes." // Loved this piece on creativity and play. I'm thinking a lot these days about how I can play more in life, and these are helpful thoughts!