Top Ten Things // March 2018


Each month, I'll share a short and sweet list of the top ten things from that month-- the list will change month to month based on what I'm loving, but it will be 10 random things I think you should know about.

Here are March's top ten things:

Favorite book from a woman or person of color:

It's a tie between this one and this one. I can't choose.

Favorite recipe:

It's shameful that I'm in my mid-twenties and still buy premade salad dressings, I know. This morning I finally got wise and whipped up a quick batch of this balsamic vinaigrette and I won't go back! (I added a spoonful of dijon, some minced garlic, and a few shakes of parsley and red pepper flakes.)

Favorite music:

Been on a MAJOR blink-182 kick.

Also made this after yoga playlist for those zen evenings, and I'm loving it.

Favorite Netflix show:

Queer Eye. I cannot explain to you how much I love this show. I have laughed, I have cried, I have fallen in love with Antoni approximately a million times over, I have started saying "so major!" just like JVN... it's everything.

Favorite purchase:

Wireless SD Memory Card (seriously, this thing is a GAMECHANGER)

Favorite article written:

11 Prayers for Our Schools (Uplifting Students and Teachers Through Prayer!) -- this was more of a gathering of content than a writing of content, but I think it's timely and important.

Favorite design made:

Welcome Spring

Favorite ethical living resource:

Responsible Brands to Shop for Spring Styles (you will want to buy everything!)

Favorite concert:

Betty Who. I cannot stop listening and jamming-- if you aren't listening to her, START NOW. And see her in concert as soon as you can!

Favorite new discovery:

Brandless. So many gems for only $3 or less each-- amazing.

What is one of your top things this month?