The Books I Loved Because of Their Covers

We all know by now that we definitely judge books by their covers. We just do. A good book cover design can honestly make or break our reading experience (if it even draws us in enough that we give the book a chance!) and I wanted to celebrate some of my recent favorites today. As a graphic designer myself, I'm majorly impressed with all of these beautiful creations, and feel so inspired by them.

This post isn't endorsing the book contents themselves (although I did love most of these!) but just strictly praising the cover designs -- it's all about the eye candy with this batch! 

Tell me: which one is your favorite?

ps-- there are affiliate links here if you want to click on a book cover and shop!

Bold colors, creative typography, quirky illustrations, hand drawn elements, layered imagery, large scale fonts... I'm obsessed. The inspiration is endless!

What book cover have you been swooning over lately?