My 2019 Bucket List


Every year, I create a RAD52in52 bucket list full of fun things I want to challenge myself to accomplish in the year ahead. They range from simple to silly to serious, and the list helps keep me motivated throughout the year! I move these things over into my monthly PowerSheets goals, add them to my 31 things in 31 days lists, and put them on my calendar as the weeks go by. It’s become such a fun tradition!

Here is my 2019 bucket list:

I’ll bold things when they are done, and italicize them when they are in progress.

  1. Pay off my credit card before my birthday.

  2. Read 150 books in total.

  3. Of that 150 total, read 100 by diverse authors (women, people of color, minorities, etc).

  4. Complete A RAD Reading Challenge.

  5. Read 5 poetry books.

  6. Read 5 classics.

  7. Read 5 biographies/memoirs.

    1. Becoming by Michelle Obama

    2. Karamo: My Story of Embracing Purpose, Healing, and Hope by Karamo Brown

    3. Running Home by Katie Arnold

    4. From the Corner of the Oval by Beck Dorey-Stein

  8. Re-read 5 childhood favorites.

  9. Read a book that is more than 800 pages long.

  10. Complete a new kind of Bible reading plan.

  11. Do a Lent Bible study.

  12. Do an Advent Bible study.

  13. Finish my first Daily Remain journal completely.

  14. Make at least one trip to Georgia.

  15. Frame and hang a new piece of art purchased from an artist I love.

  16. Plant a spring/summer garden.

  17. Make 10 new cookbook recipes.

    1. Warm Apple Crisp from Frugal Vegan

    2. Hot Power Bowl from Oh She Glows Every Day

  18. Host a favorite things party.

  19. Purge my closet of unworn clothes after each season ends.

  20. Ride a scooter.

  21. Track what I’m learning each season.

  22. Take 80+ yoga classes.

  23. Visit (or be visited by!) a blogger/Internet friend.

  24. Send mail at Thanksgiving.

  25. Make a DIY gift for Christmas.

  26. Try 10 new restaurants.

    1. Peter Chang Downtown

    2. Little Saint

    3. Union Market

  27. Use my PowerSheets every month.

  28. Create 31 things lists for each month.

  29. Visit 3+ new churches.

  30. Get a new tattoo.

  31. Change out a piercing.

  32. Go to the river/the river house and go kayaking.

  33. Go to at least one Caps game.

  34. See 3+ bands I love in concert.

    1. Mumford and Sons

    2. Needtobreathe

  35. Get a batch of photos printed.

  36. Make my own kombucha.

  37. Take a solo overnight trip.

  38. Pay it forward in the drive thru.

  39. Try 5 new coffeeshops.

    1. Ironclad Coffee Roasters

  40. Celebrate my 27th birthday with tacos, champagne, dessert, and my loved ones!

  41. Visit a new museum.

  42. Go to the Richmond Folk Festival.

  43. Go to a new festival.

    1. Richmond Taco Festival

  44. Reach a new rank with Young Living.

  45. Have at least 5 “no buying books” months.

  46. Be part of The Beyond Weekend! (stay tuned, RVA friends…)

  47. See a play or a musical.

  48. Say yes to something that scares me.

  49. Try something new that I’m not good at. And stick with it!

  50. Start giving to a cause or an organization consistently.

  51. Teach a bullet journaling class!

    1. Read about this here!

  52. Fill out my 5 year journal every day.

What’s on your bucket list this year?