The RAD Stuff // Vol. 16

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My girl Brene preaching about going to couples therapy with church and what side of humanity we are on. It's GOOD. (And only 17 minutes.)

Oh, you wanted more Brene? Okay. Here's her wonderful, soulful conversation with Krista Tippett from the On Being podcast (that I adore).

BBQ Tempeh Banh Mi YES PLZ. Get that goodness on a GF roll and let's go!

I'm forever trying to be a better gardener (but also it is A LOT OF WORK) and this post gives helpful resources as well as some major garden envy -- those photos! that arch! amazing.

I'm on a constant journey to shop more ethically and intentionally, and The Good Wear is my absolute FAVORITE resource for all the things about smart fashion! This guide to responsible brands to shop for spring styles is SO helpful and I already want all the things...

Anybody else love when people share beauty recommendations? There is so much out there, and it's so helpful to know what's tried and tested and loved, especially when the products are clean, green, and affordable. This list has so many great recommendations!

Hello, I have fallen in love. With a kitchen remodel. It's fine.

Just placed my first order with Brandless, and I'm excited about it! 19 items for $48-- things like balsamic vinegar, salsa, lentils, tea free tissues, body wash... all gluten-free and vegan for great prices. (This isn't even an affiliate thing!)

I've totally fallen off the bullet journaling train (even though this post is still strangely driving traffic to my blog from Pinterest...) but Anne makes me reconsider going back to it...