What's Saving My Life Right Now

I don't know how we're only halfway through winter, but I do know Anne Bogel has a good thing going on with this "What's saving your life right now?" prompt. I'm linking up with her today and will be poring over all the other lists, desperate for anything that will make the rest of this winter a little lighter and less blah.

Açaí bowls and homemade granola-- for seeming like dessert, but actually being full of good-for-me things.

My morning ACV drink-- keeping any potential sickness away, I swear. (2 TBs lemon juice, 2 TBs ACV, 1 TBs honey, a few shakes of cinnamon, fill mug with hot water.)

A humidifier, running whenever I'm in the room. Again with the sickness-fighting.

Reading this Bible (12 pages of it. daily!) in the mornings.

Green Goddess dressing (it's vegan!) from Trader Joe's-- making boring salads interesting again.

This playlist-- perfect for subtle dancing at my desk, or full on dance parties when I'm home alone. Winter just calls for good upbeat music.

Reading endlessly (19 books in January-- I'll share the reviews on Tuesday) -- especially this new favorite.

New lotion that smells heavenly but not heavy (and doesn't have my skin feeling dry, tight, or itchy, PRAISE), and new night cream that ACTUALLY works for this impossibly dry winter skin.

This show. (For being light and not at all cutthroat, and for having incredible graphic design that makes me swoon.)

These, now moved to the kitchen counter.

A trip on the calendar for this month (finally!) -- this is the trip I'll cross the #1 thing off my life bucket list, and I cannot wait. The anticipation is both killing me and saving my life. Know the feeling?

Beautiful, poignant blogging. (Please, keep it coming.) Here's one example, and another on how to know it's February.

Weekly counseling. Hard, always. Worth it, always. (I'm going to do an Instagram live about counseling tonight -- join me here and ask any question you have in mind.)