on green things and staying grounded.


lately, i've found myself gravitating toward the green, toward the alive, toward the blooming.

i've been craving the feeling of bare feet on soft green grass. i've been wanting to plunge my hands into big pots of cool soil, wanting to break it up between my fingers and be reminded i came from dust like this and i'll return to dust like this someday too.

i've been going on walks just to stare at all the new life shooting up from old ground. i've tried and failed to capture the beauty in photos, and realized it's best just appreciated with my own two eyes.

i've been putting new plants on my windowsills and on my dresser and on my kitchen table. i've planted a garden in every last pot i own, desperate to bring as much life around me as i can.

because in this season, this spring of new growth after a long winter, i need to be reminded that resurrection is real.

we celebrated it on easter, this glorious rejoicing because our god conquered the grave. a few weeks later, i need to remember i, too, can conquer what seems final. i need to remember that the very strength of christ that rose him to victory over death is the very strength that fuels me even in my weakness. i need to remember that the end is never really the end in him, that there is always glory to come.

good things come to an end.

hard choices must be made.

we say yes, and in doing so, say a different no. we say no, and in doing so, say another yes.

we release our grip, we surrender, we let go.

we let our hearts break and be broken.

we know that love at any cost is a bargain.

we dig up the soil, cut through tangled roots, and everything gets all stirred up and messy for a while. but then, we plant new seeds. we feed the soil with what we know encourages growth. we water what we've planted, and we wait with patience. we tend to the sacred ground. we nurture the new growth as we see it shoot up. we are kind. we are caring. we are loving. and we start to see it happen, this beautiful resurrection of new life in the places were old things died, and we remember all over again what it means to be human. we start to see not only life, but beauty. we see blooming and blossoming. we see radiance again. we see life thriving. we see glory in action.

we see our resurrected king resurrecting even us.

and we come back for more.

we kick off our shoes and run barefoot and free on that new green grass, dancing and twirling and feeling giddy with joy. we get our hands dirty in the middle of it all, knowing this work is all to cultivate growth, knowing this mess is holy ground. we surround ourselves with green things and new blooms to remember, today, again, we are alive, and we are growing, and resurrection is real.