Happy International Women's Day!


It’s International Women's Day and I’ve got my "feminist" shirt on, loud and proud. 

Because here’s the thing about women: We are heart, we are soul. We are grit and grace, tough and tender (words from Brene Brown). We are beautiful and brave and beloved, fierce and fabulous, sensitive and strong, empathetic and energetic. We are using our voices, we are shining our lights, we are creating all kinds of new life in all sorts of literal and creative and wonderful ways. We are climbing ladders and shattering ceilings and making art and blazing new trails. We are saying #metoo and we are marching and we are voting and we are also doing the daily little things nobody notices. We have sparked a reckoning, and we aren’t finished yet. We are Kingdom builders and culture shifters and life makers. We are wild and free, stepping more and more into the fullness of our freedom as daughters of our King, and it’s starting a wildfire all around us. Because women? Women are world changers. And I’m damn proud to be a woman working hard to change my little corner of the world.

Cheers to all the ladies kicking ass today and everyday— May you be seen and celebrated.

More about being a woman:

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