An Essential "Evolving Faith" Reading List


When two of your very favorite writers in the Christian space announce a conference, you drop everything and buy tickets immediately. You just do.

Rachel Held Evans and Sarah Bessey announced their upcoming "Evolving Faith" conference a few weeks ago, and even though it's still months away, I CANNOT WAIT. The conference is hailed as "a two-day gathering for the wanderers, wonderers, status quo spenders, and spiritual refugees to discover you are not alone." Like, hello, yes please.

I've been poring over the list of speakers, and I have made it my mission to read as much from them before the gathering as I can.

Thankfully (for my budget), I got a perfectly timed email from Wikibuy the same week I was piling these all up in my online shopping cart, and using their site ended up saving me so much money! I hadn't heard of Wikibuy before, but they exist to save you money through a whole massive collection of deals on their site and an even longer list of sites they've found coupons and deals for, all to make your life easier and save you money. While I browsed around sites like Barnes and Noble hunting for these books, they were finding coupon codes for me and saving me dollars. HOLLA. Love that!

So, thanks to Wikibuy (seriously, super thankful), I've got a whole big stack of books to read before heading to the Evolving Faith gathering!

For anyone not heading to the conference (or anyone attending!), here's my list of essential reading from the gathering's incredible roster of speakers and panelists:

What I'm Reading Next: